Starbucks Now Has Environmentally Friendly Cups & Straws

Starbucks’ decision to bid farewell to their iconic green straws may not have gone down well with ALL their fans.

But here’s one thing we can all agree on.

They’ve managed to make being a full-time eco-warrior look incredibly appealing with their new series of reusable cups & straws.

Collab with stojo from New York

The cups are the brainchild of a brand named stojo which hails from New York, but they’ve been given a signature Starbucks twist.

The 12oz (Tall-sized) cup branded with the iconic Siren logo is retailing for $24.90, while the 16oz (Grande) version will burn a $29.90 sized hole in your pocket. All designs come with a matching straw, in 4 different colours, Jet Black, Pastel Blue, Pastel Pink and Black & White.

Funky colours like Fushia Pink and Bright Blue are available too.


Simply press the top of the cups to compress them into a tight cylinder that will fit snugly into any purse.

Rainbow bendy straws

What we love most of all about the collection is definitely the colourful set of rainbow straws.

They are priced at $12.90 for a set of 3-pieces, so you should team up with your friends to buy them if you only need one.

Each set comes with a brush and a pouch so you can clean them on-the-go.

Steel your straws & your hearts

If you prefer your straws to be made of sturdier material, try Starbucks’ stainless steel straws on for size.

2 stainless steel straws will cost you $12.90, with a brush and pouch to boot.

Consider getting a matching noir fork and spoon set as well.

Perfect for digging into that scrumptious blueberry muffin for sustenance during long-ass study sessions.

No more excuses

Consider yourself fully equipped to face down whoever tells you that using ugly reusable straws is uncool.

And remember that Mother Earth will be thanking you in about 1000 years.


So would Captain Planet.

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Featured images courtesy of Starbucks Singapore.