Rochor Beancurd In Geylang Charges S$0.20 More To Add Syrup, Eatery Cites Rising Sugar Prices

Rochor Beancurd Now Charges S$0.20 More To Add Syrup, Also Charges S$0.20 For Dapao Container

Soya beancurd is known as a refreshing sweet treat to beat the hot weather, but a customer was left with a sour taste in her mouth recently.

She said she was asked to pay S$0.20 more at Rochor Beancurd in Geylang when she wanted to add syrup.

Source: Shin Min Daily News on Facebook

The stall cited an increase in the price of sugar as the reason for the new charge.

Rochor Beancurd reportedly asked for S$0.20 to add syrup

The female customer, named only as Ms Xu, had visited the Geylang branch of well-known local chain Rochor Original Beancurd, reported Shin Min Daily News.

Source: Google Maps

She’d wanted to buy soya beancurd, and asked to add syrup, she said.

However, she was told she would have to pay S$0.20 extra, she claimed.

Extra charge didn’t exist previously: Customer

This extra charge didn’t exist previously, Ms Xu added.

Additionally, a dabao container would also cost S$0.20 — meaning a total of S$0.40 extra for customers who want to both dabao and add syrup.

Turned off by the charges, she decided not to get soya beancurd after all, saying,

It’s not that I can’t afford it, but I can’t stomach it.

Additions will cause price to go up: Rochor Beancurd

When Shin Min visited Rochor Beancurd in Geylang on Friday (23 Dec), a notice on price changes was seen in the eatery.

It said there would be extra charges for additions due to the increase in the cost of ingredients.

For example, a bowl of soya beancurd with additional soya bean milk would cost S$1.70.

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Adding syrup to your soya beancurd or soya bean milk would also cause the price to go up to S$1.70.

Price of white sugar has been increasing

According to the proprietor of the eatery, a woman also named Ms Xu, they’d previously never charged for adding syrup.

However, the price of white sugar, a raw material of theirs, has been increasing over the past few months, she said.

Thus, they adjusted their prices last month to charge S$0.20 more for a bowl of beancurd with added sugar.

Normal bowl of beancurd still S$1.50

She noted that a normal bowl of beancurd at their stall still costs S$1.50. This price is also reflected on their website.

This normal bowl would already have syrup in it.

However, if a customer wants more syrup, they would add one spoonful.

As for dabao containers, they would charge S$0.20 more if a customer requests for their beancurd and syrup to be packed separately, she added.

That’s because this would require an extra container.

Anyway, few customers ask to add syrup nowadays, thanks to most people aiming for a healthier and low-sugar diet, she noted.

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Featured image adapted from Shin Min Daily News on Facebook and Google Maps.

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