SAF Medical Corps Deploys 100 Servicemen To Care For Recovering Covid-19 Patients

SAF Medical Corps Deploys Servicemen To Care For Patients At Singapore EXPO & MAX Atria

In the past 3 days, Singapore has witnessed daily spikes of over 1,000 Covid-19 cases.

Although provisions have been made to ensure that the healthcare system can manage the patients, helping hands are always welcome to lighten the load.

To add manpower, the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) have just deployed 100 Regulars and Full-time National Servicemen (NSFs) to the cause.

In a Facebook post on Wednesday (22 Apr), the Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) announced the SAF Medical Corps’ participation in providing medical aid to patients at the community isolation facility at Singapore EXPO & Max Atria.


100 SAF servicemen to care for up to 1,800 patients

From Wednesday (22 Apr) onwards, approximately 100 SAF Medical Corps servicemen will be deployed to the community isolation facility in Singapore EXPO & MAX Atria.

SAF Medical Corps personnel sanitising their equipment

In case you missed the memo, these community isolation facilities serve to house recovering Covid-19 patients, as well as those with mild symptoms.

This way, hospitals can focus on caring for patients that are more critically ill.


The servicemen will work in shifts to provide “round-the-clock” care to these patients.

According to Minister for Defence Ng Eng Hen’s Facebook post, up to 1,800 patients will be under the care of the SAF Medical Corps.

SAF also reaching out to NSmen with relevant skillsets

MINDEF is also reaching out to enlist the help of Operationally Ready National Servicemen (NSmen) with relevant skill sets who currently aren’t part of Covid-19 efforts.


This is to help cope with the national need to scale up community isolation facilities.

Indonesia helps provide bedding at community isolation centres

On a separate note, we also need to thank our neighbours for their support during this difficult time.

With assistance from their embassy in Singapore, Indonesia has shipped bedding items to supplement existing supplies at community care facilities.


The first shipment arrived on the evening of 21 Apr, containing the following items:

  • bed frames
  • mattresses
  • mattress covers
  • bed sheets
  • pillows
  • pillow cases
  • blankets


According to Temasek Foundation’s Facebook post, Singapore will ship in more bedding items depending on future needs.

Strength in numbers

Although the coronavirus is showing its strength in numbers, we too can do the same.

As demonstrated by the SAF Medical Corps and Indonesia, standing in solidarity with each other is how we can overcome the pandemic.

Let’s work together, cooperate, and play our part in getting over this crisis.

Featured image adapted from Facebook.

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