SALT Magazine Asia Instagram Page Hacked By Supposed Debt Collector

It’s not cool when your Instagram gets hacked.

Gourmet food and drinks magazine SALT Magazine Asia supposedly had their Instagram hacked on Thursday (4 Jul) evening. The hacker put up a series of Insta-stories demanding that SALT’s director repay the money he owes.

The account, while still up, has since had its profile picture switched to a “CLOSED”. The description of the page reflects the same message.


We have tried reaching out to the managing director of SALT Magazine Asia for a statement but he has yet to respond regarding the unfolding situation.

Hacker demanded that SALT’s director repay his debt

The Insta-stories were taken right outside SALT’s office.

The hacker explained that SALT’s director, Mr Caarlos Loh, owes him money and that he was here to collect it.

He also said that Mr Loh had been threatening to call the police for the past half hour. But since no officers were in sight, the hacker suspected that Mr Loh was faking his threat.

The hacker went on to condemn Mr Loh for “(using) his mother’s life to state that he needs money.”

Then in the fourth story, the police shows up. But Mr Loh still refuses to come out of the office.

In the fifth story, the police can be seen inside the office, supposedly talking to Mr Loh.

And in the final story, according to the hacker, Mr Loh was in the “debt collection process”.

SALT magazine on lock-down

Or so it seems. Because both their Instagram page and website are “CLOSED”.

So remember boys and girls, always change your passwords regularly. Even better, don’t get into any kind of non-official money-lending business.

Featured image from Instagram.