Elderly Man Boards SBS Bus & Falls, Driver Tends To Injuries Like A Doting Daughter

SBS Driver Cares For Elderly Man Who Fell Down While Boarding The Bus

It can get quite worrying when your elderly parents opt to take a bus by themselves.

A lot of unfortunate things can happen — they could fall, get lost, or even get involved in a traffic accident. But learning that there’s a caring driver behind the wheel makes us all feel a little more at ease.

On Tuesday (16 Jul), a netizen named Ms Mok took to Facebook to praise a SBS Transit driver for carefully tending to an elderly rider’s injuries sustained while trying to board the bus.

Here’s her post in full:


SBS driver tended to old man’s injury’s carefully

On Tuesday (16 Jul) afternoon, an elderly man allegedly fell down while attempting to board a service 33 SBS bus at New Bridge Centre.


Witnessing this, the bus driver immediately got out and helped him to a seat.

She also checked on his injuries and was seen caressing the bruise softly while speaking to him like “her own dad”.


Hope others will recognise her kind actions

Ms Mok has since gotten in touch with SBS, which has identified the bus captain as Ms Lai.

After her encounter, Ms Mok claims she now feels “a lot more at ease” knowing that there are caring drivers like Ms Lai ferrying her elderly parents. She also pointed out that this is necessary as bus service 33 covers estates like Chinatown, which has huge elderly populations.

Touched by the driver’s actions, she hopes others will “give (Ms Lai) a like” for her good deeds.

Finally, Ms Mok urged Singaporeans to be more understanding when buses arrive late, as the drivers could have taken a longer time to help out those in need.

Other netizens share encounters with the bus driver

This apparently isn’t the first that Ms Lai has gone out of her way to make her passengers’ ride more comfortable and enjoyable.

According to this netizen, Ms Lai was seen previously seen helping elderly passengers board the bus.


Another netizen also claims Ms Lai would smile at passengers who board the bus.

Translation: I see her sometimes when I board bus service 33. She also smiled at other passengers.

Have you encountered other kind bus drivers?

Ms Lai’s kind deeds are definitely praiseworthy, but we are sure there are others out there that are equally caring.

Have you encountered other bus drivers who went out of their ways to help passengers in need?

Share them in comments below.

Featured image from Facebook and SGBUSES

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