M’sian School Hosts Farewell Event For Security Guard Of 6 Years, Students Give Gifts & Hug Him

Students Bid Emotional Farewell To Security Guard At School In Malaysia

Saying goodbye to someone who has been a familiar fixture at a place for years is a sad affair. That was certainly the case at a school in Malaysia, which held a farewell event for Mr K Kittu, a security guard who had been working there for six years.

At the event, students embraced the man they knew as ‘Uncle Kittu’ in gratitude.

Many handed him various gifts and personal letters, moving him to tears.

Uncle Kittu apparently had to leave his job as he had moved away. Despite the circumstances, the farewell left him reluctant to depart.

School holds farewell event for security guard

On 30 Nov, the SK Bandar Baru Putera primary school in Ipoh, Malaysia, held a special event to bid farewell to Mr K Kittu, who had been working as a security guard at the school for six years.

Source: @lindalabu on TikTok

Sinar Harian reported that the 50-year-old regarded the people of the school — who endearingly call him Uncle Kittu — like family.

The feeling was clearly mutual, as evident in a TikTok video showing students going up to the guard one by one to express their thanks.

Some came empty-handed but shook Uncle Kittu’s hand and hugged him tightly.

Source: @lindalabu on TikTok

Others handed him gifts in bags or hampers.

Source: @lindalabu on TikTok

One tall student even lifted the guard into the air for a hug. Others around laughed and clapped at the sight.

Source: @lindalabu on TikTok

Security guard swarmed by hugs

Just for that day at least, Uncle Kittu was the centre of attention as all the gifts he received nearly filled a table.

Source: @lindalabu on TikTok

While the presents packed his car to the brim, Uncle Kittu told Sinar Harian that the most memorable ones were the personal letters from students, some of which contained messages reminding him to take care of his health.

Later, even when leaving the school building, a crowd of students swarmed him and hugged him, not wanting him to leave.

Source: @lindalabu on TikTok

“I didn’t expect the farewell ceremony to be so lively,” Uncle Kittu said, admitting to being moved to tears by the overwhelming love and gratitude.

He felt reluctant to leave the school, saying he would miss welcoming students from as early as 6.30am and helping them cross the road.

The father of four had moved somewhere else, making the commute to the school too far.

“Wishing Uncle Kittu success wherever he may be,” the video’s text read.

Students & parents alike miss him

One commenter claimed that students loved Uncle Kittu so much that on his Deepavali holiday, they were asking where he was.

Source: TikTok

The students weren’t the only ones who’d miss the longtime security guard.

A comment on the video from a parent of a student said they’d miss Uncle Kittu as well, wishing him good health and happiness in his new job.

Source: TikTok

A fellow security guard in the comments thanked the school for appreciating a guard in such a manner.

Source: TikTok

Indeed, the role can be a thankless job sometimes.

We wish Uncle Kittu all the best in his future as well.

Earlier this year, a woman bid her helper of 34 years farewell with a homemade quilt containing heartfelt messages.

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Featured image adapted from @lindalabu on TikTok.

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