Woman In Sengkang Holds 18-People Gathering During CB, Gets Fined $4,000

Woman Fined $4,000 Over 18-Person Gathering In Sengkang, Ends ‘Toxic Relationship’

Earlier last month, MS News reported that a group of 18 people, including the hosts, had gathered at a couple’s Sengkang flat during the ‘Circuit Breaker’.

Compassvale Couple Invite 16 People To Home, Face Charges For Flouting CB Rules

On Wednesday (26 Aug), the female half of the couple was reportedly fined $4,000 for breaching Covid-19 regulations.

The pair has also broken up over the incident.


Allowed those not from household into flat

According to Channel NewsAsia (CNA), 32-year-old Ms Cassie Ong was fined $4,000 for allowing 16 people not from her household into the flat she shared with her fiancé.

It was located in Block 295C, Compassvale Crescent.

This was on 8 May, when this was strictly prohibited under the ‘Circuit Breaker’ rules.

Block 295C, Compassvale Crescent

Neighbour called police at 2am

Ong was then engaged to 37-year-old Leong Chee Mun, who’s expected to plead guilty next month, reported CNA.

The gathering, where the group drank, played games, and watched Netflix, was short-lived.

At around 2am, a neighbour reportedly called the police, informing them that a large group of people were seen coming in and out of the flat.

She also told the cops that she was certain they didn’t live there.

A police officer later arrived at the apartment. There, he allegedly observed a mountain of footwear outside the flat, coupled with “sounds of people”.

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When the cop knocked on the door, he noticed shushing sounds from inside the house.

Fiancé lied to police officer

Leong eventually attended to the door, and lied that only he and Ong were in the flat.

In his subsequent admission, he claimed that around 8 to 10 individuals were in the premises — but that too was a lie.

In actual fact, 18 people were in the apartment at that point, including Leong and Ong.

10 of the guests were eventually fined between $2,500 and $3,000 earlier this month.

Couple split up over incident

The incident seemingly took a toll on the pair’s relationship.

They got into a heated argument shortly after the police arrived on the day of the incident.

Their engagement was also reportedly called off, putting an end to their 2-year relationship that was described by her defence lawyers as “increasingly toxic”.

One of the lawyers described Leong as being “strongly opinionated, possessive and heavily chauvinistic”, adding that she had to keep her ex-fiancé constantly in the loop over her whereabouts.

Ong has since moved out of the Sengkang apartment and even lost a job offer as a result of the incident, the lawyers said, reported The Straits Times.


All have part to play to curb Covid-19

While the split was no doubt unfortunate, we hope Leong, Ong, as well as their guests learnt their lesson from the incident.

While we can now invite guests to our house according to Phase 2 rules, more than 5 aren’t allowed.

As long as there continue to be new Covid-19 infections, each of us has a part to play in stemming the spread and keeping each other safe.

Featured image adapted from Google Maps and Imgur

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