Sentosa & Pulau Brani Islands Look Like Spongebob’s Pineapple Coral Reef In New Designs

Sentosa & Pulau Brani Islands May Be Gardens By The Bay’s Worthy Sequel Under Same Architects

The brains behind Gardens By The Bay’s futuristic landscape have a new project on hand — Sentosa & Pulau Brani islands’ ambitious and long-anticipated revamp.


As far as initial designs go, we do seem to be in safe hands — WilkinsonEyre and Grant Associates’ blueprints give us a glimpse at what to expect in the near future for both our islands.


To us, the coral structures in pink and yellow look like Spongebob’s underwater pineapple abode in Bikini Bottom. Even the colour scheme seems to invoke Patrick Star’s exact shade of pink.


Here’s what else to expect, besides a massive clam amphitheatre in the works.

Island playgrounds filled with nature trails

Perhaps harkening back to Sentosa’s quirky sculptures and iconic fountain, we’re told to expect “colourful biomorphic” buildings, which add a dash of pzazz to otherwise typical surroundings.


Both Sentosa and Pulau Brani island will be developed into what’s described as oversized “island playgrounds” — a tropical island paradise filled with leisure attractions and nature trails.

Connectivity with mainland Singapore will also be boosted, we can probably expect new transport options — a new monorail or flying taxis, perhaps?

Multi-sensory RWS walkway to Sentosa by 2022

The first upcoming attraction to grace our shores would be the Sentosa Sensoryscape – a multi-sensory passageway spanning 5.5 football fields – landing as early as 2022.

Blueprints suggest that the pedestrian-friendly walkway will lead guests to Resorts World Sentosa directly from Sentosa’s beaches.

Resorts World Sentosa’s planned S.E.A. Aquarium expansion

Giant vessel-like structures lining the way will pique guests’ attention, and make great photo ops for those passing through.

Bustling core with ample fairgrounds

Urban living opportunities are expected, for those who can afford it.


From ample grounds dedicated to event spaces – think ARTBOX-style fairs – and dining establishments that let you enjoy live music performances under the stars, a whole lot of effort will be dedicated to beautifying communal areas.

Both islands will comprise of 5 distinct play & residential zones, centred around the core of the island:

  • Beachfront
  • Island Heart
  • Ridgeline
  • Vibrant Cluster
  • Waterfront

We also spotted a blush pink clam-shaped theatre in the master plan, at the heart of yellow coral-esque buildings.

Waterfront living & beach events

For most island nations, beaches are usually sacred grounds for communities to tighten mutual bonds. Singapore’s current beaches are maintained with imported sand, so it’ll be interesting to see if the area can be revamped entirely.


The blueprints promise lively waterfront “leisure areas” connected by sheltered-walkways — great news as Singapore’s weather is pretty unpredictable.

These areas will lead back to a “major beach event space”, we’re picturing something better than where the Star Wars Sandsation events are held.

Protecting wildlife & biodiversity on both islands

With all the construction work going on, environmentalists would be concerned about the animal residents that also call Sentosa their homes.


Thankfully, the team has this priority in mind too. The plan involves expanding beach areas and protected nature trails so the islands’ ecosystems won’t go out of whack.


This will serve 2 purposes, preserving wildlife and biodiversity, while creating a natural backdrop for residents and visitors.

A much-needed sequel to Gardens By The Bay

Singapore’s known as a green city, and for good reason. Our roads are paved with equatorial trees, and a large percentage of our land dedicated to nature reserves and parks.

Since the architects of WilkinsonEyre successfully helped us create an entirely alien but compelling Gardens By The Bay area, we’re pretty psyched to see how this turns out.

Currently, they’re also helping to finish up this pristine-looking biodome over in Iceland.


Sentosa’s team also confirms that attractions will remain open while construction is ongoing, to minimise disruption to guests.


Let us know what you think of Sentosa and Pulau Brani’s upcoming revamp in the comments below.

Featured image adapted from Dezeen via Sentosa Development Corporation and PngIx.

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