SGH Nurse Collects Clothes & Prayer Mats For Covid-19 Migrant Worker Patients With Help From Community

Singapore has a first-class healthcare system, mainly because of the caring and dedicated professionals behind it.

Member of Parliament (MP) Mr Amrin Amin took to Facebook to share an initiative a nurse at Singapore General Hospital (SGH) had started for Covid-19 migrant worker patients.


Rallying the community around her, she collected supplies like clothes and prayer mats for migrant workers, to make their time in treatment as comfortable as possible.

Migrant worker prayed on the floor

It all started when nurse Suriana Sanwasi saw a migrant worker – who was also a Covid-19 patient at SGH – praying on the floor without a prayer mat.


Noticing the lack of resources, she decided to gather some supplies to make the migrant workers’ stay at the hospital more comfortable.

Of course, she couldn’t do this alone — she enlisted the help of her friends, family and colleagues to bring her project to fruition.

SGH nurse collected supplies for worker patients

Nurse Suriana collected prayer mats, towels, toiletries, snacks and even clothes for the migrant workers in SGH and Community Isolation Facilities (CIF).


She shared that the clothes were to help reduce transmission in CIFs, as workers could change out of their soiled clothes more regularly.

Mr Amrin shared some pictures of families sifting through their things for clothes they could donate to the cause.


Many of them put in a great deal of time and effort, sorting through and packing bags of things to donate. Nurse Suriana’s family bought trollies of things to donate too.


Others made trips to supermarkets just to buy snacks to donate.


The donors were more than happy to chip in to better the workers’ situations, regardless of the size of their contributions.


SGH nurses packed & distributed the supplies

The donors sent their contributions to SGH, where Nurse Suriana and her colleagues re-packed them for distribution later on.

They gave the workers who were discharged from SGH and moving to CIFs these care packages they put together, hoping to encourage them.


This truly was a display of the nurses going far above and beyond their job scopes to provide for those in need, and they deserve nothing but praise and recognition for their efforts.

Going the extra mile to help others

Just like Mr Amrin said, these nurses went beyond their “call of duty” to give the workers not just supplies, but their love and support to see them through their illness.

It’s extremely heartening too see Singaporeans support the community like this, even when we can’t do it in person now.

What Singapore needs now is to support each other through this crisis. We’ve survived almost 3 weeks of ‘Circuit Breaker’, but we have over a month more to go and we won’t make it through without leaning on each other.

Featured image adapted from Facebook and Facebook