Shiroi Koibito’s White Choco Drink & Ice Cream Will Give Sweet Memories Of Japan

Hokkaido travellers will know that Shiroi Koibito has the yummiest white chocolate cookies in Japan. Now, what if these irresistible treats came in an ice cream and frothy drink form?

Morinaga Milk industry in collaboration with Ishiya will be launching their Shiroi Koibito white chocolate drink and ice cream sandwich on Monday (1 Feb).

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If your New Year’s resolution involves reducing your dairy intake, these upcoming treats may pressure you to cave and abandon your initial plan.

New chocolate drink & ice cream version

Hokkaido is best known for its superb dairy and milk products. If you’ve gone on a food trip there, you’ve probably heard of Shiroi Koibito, a European-style cookie made by Japanese confectionary maker Ishiya.


In their latest innovation, the company is releasing a Shiroi Koibito white chocolate drink and ice cream sandwich for a limited time.

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True to their names, both products will use the white chocolate ingredients we’ve come to love from the original Shiroi Koibito cookies.

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The chocolatey goodness will automatically melt in your mouth. Pair them together and we bet you’ll fall for the thick and rich texture of these dairy products.

Shiroi Koibito treats will take you to Hokkaido

Shiroi Koibito products are a popular souvenir from Hokkaido. They say good food can take you places, and we believe the same is true for these products.


Travel-starved foodies can momentarily transport themselves to Hokkaido’s foodie paradise and celebrate their love for all things dairy.

Join the queue in Airfrov

Shiroi Koibito products are not available locally, but you can hopefully get them through Airfrov merchants. A netizen has launched an Airfrov request for the drink and ice cream from S$25.


There have also been requests for the brand’s iconic white chocolate cookies from $14.


Stock up on this sweet combo

This white chocolate drink and ice cream is definitely the perfect combo to binge after hours spent at work.

We’re hoping to get a bundle because we can never get enough of Hokkaido’s famous desserts.

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