SIA Cabin Crew Now Care For Seniors At Ren Ci Nursing Home, Bring World Class Service To Them

The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the aviation industry isn’t new to us, and certainly not to the many Singapore Airlines (SIA) cabin crew who’ve had their jobs in limbo.

Thankfully, efforts to ensure their employment seem to be fruitful, as organisations offer opportunities for SIA staff to put their skills to good use.

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Ren Ci Nursing Home is one such place that has welcomed cabin crew openly.

SIA cabin crew befriend seniors at nursing home

In a press release, Ren Ci shared details of the cabin crew’s successful redeployment.

Now care ambassadors, they make their rounds at Ren Ci nursing homes to enhance visitors’ experiences and ensure safe distancing.

Their services extend to wards too, where they carry out basic care duties and befriend seniors during therapy sessions and leisure activities.

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Scoot cabin crew member Ms Noor Seha said, “I am already loving the bond that I have created with the senior residents at Ren Ci”.

Referring to her on-the-job training there, she added that the caregiving skills she learnt will add value to her ongoing role, and in the near future as a cabin crew member when air travel resumes.

On-the job training at nursing homes

30 SIA cabin crew members have joined Ren Ci nursing homes as care ambassadors, receiving on-the-job caregiving training.

Ren Ci said that the crew members are able to fulfil the psychological and emotional needs of the residents.

Cabin crew nursing home Image courtesy of Ren Ci

Joe Hau, CEO of Ren Ci Hospital, said their work with SIA group’s care ambassadors has been fruitful.

The flight attendants’ friendly smile and natural helpfulness apparently delight staff and visitors at their Ang Mo Kio and Bukit Batok nursing homes.

Cabin crew using their training for good

Seeing the old folks enjoying the world-class hospitality that SIA’s cabin crew are famous for is certainly heartening.

We’re sure the new faces provide extra comfort to them, especially with limited visiting slots due to safety measures.

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Though the Covid-19 pandemic has been harsh on the job market, it’s comforting to know that the redeployment of SIA staff to other sectors has proven meaningful.

We wish them all the best in their new roles as care ambassadors, and hope they can return to their jobs soon.

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Featured images courtesy of Ren Ci.