SIA stewardess learnt sign language to communicate with sister, now uses it to help deaf passengers

SIA stewardess serves deaf passengers using American Sign Language

For Singapore Airlines (SIA), ensuring smooth communication with passengers is a key priority. One stewardess, however, goes above and beyond by using American Sign Language (ASL) to help deaf passengers on board.

Since childhood, Leading Stewardess Evelyn Lim picked up sign language to communicate with her sister, who is hard of hearing.

Now, equipped with the valuable skill, she leaves a positive impact on others like her sister on her job.

Learnt sign language since young to communicate with deaf sister

On 19 Feb, SIA posted a video of Leading Stewardess Evelyn, who spoke about her experience using sign language.

The video opened with Evelyn introducing herself by signing her name. She then shared that she can communicate in basic ASL, which involves the use of “hand shapes, facial expressions and body gestures”.

Evelyn first learnt ASL at a young age to communicate with her eldest sister, who was born deaf.

Source: SilverKris

Speaking to SilverKris, she claimed that during her childhood, she bore witness to people publicly ostracising and humiliating her sister for her disability.

Evelyn feels that others should instead practise empathy towards deaf individuals like her sister, and employ different methods to converse with them.

Continues to serve deaf passengers travelling with SIA

Over the years, Evelyn’s competence in ASL has deepened her relationship with her sister.

Source: SilverKris

However, she does not use sign language exclusively when communicating with her sister. At work, she also uses it to serve deaf passengers travelling with SIA.

In the video, Evelyn emphasised that SIA works towards ensuring inclusivity on board. She stressed that,

Effective communication is important to help us better understand our customers’ needs and enhance their overall in-flight experience.

To ensure that, she takes it upon herself to be sensitive to customers’ needs from the moment they first enter the cabin. Upon identifying deaf customers, Evelyn would help them comprehend the safety video and clarify any doubts they may have.

Source: Singapore Airlines on Facebook

In Nov 2019, Mr Joel Barish, co-founder of DeafNation, vlogged his encounter with Evelyn aboard a flight. The video showed the pair conversing with each other using sign language, and having an enjoyable time doing so.

Netizens flooded the comments section with praise and admiration for Evelyn. One Facebook user shared that using sign language to communicate with passengers is “an amazing service”, and that they would be delighted to experience it.

Source: Facebook

Another netizen, impressed by Evelyn’s skills, suggested that this was the first time they had heard of flight attendants in Asia communicating in sign language.

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Source: Facebook

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Featured image adapted from Singapore Airlines on Facebook and SilverKris.

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