S’pore Airlines Documentary Shows Us What It Takes To Become The Iconic ‘Singapore Girl’

Singapore Airlines Documentary Explores What It Takes To Become The ‘Singapore Girl’

The ‘Singapore Girl’ – otherwise known as flight attendants of Singapore Airlines (SIA) – are popular for the world-class service they offer to passengers.

We’ve known that becoming a ‘Singapore Girl’ involves a lot of hard work, but what does it actually take to be an icon?


On Thursday (19 Sep), British TV network Channel 4 uploaded a documentary titled “Does Singapore Airlines Have The Most Intense Cabin Crew Training In The World?”.

The Youtube video gives a behind-the-scenes look into the airline’s regimen.

Training the ‘Singapore Girl’

SIA’s trainees typically undergo a 14-week course that includes etiquette and hygiene training, which is said to be twice the duration of industry standards.

singapore girl 1Source

A select few are given sommelier lessons, so they can recommend and educate passengers on a variety of wines that they offer.

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Assistant manager of cabin crew training Ms Foo Juat Fang said,

They will have deportment to make sure they walk right, grooming classes to make sure they look right.

Expert beauty skills

We’ve often wondered why the ‘Singapore Girl’ has perfect makeup and no hair out of place, and the documentary reveals that this is by design.

On the first day of training, grooming consultant Ms Amy Lin offered makeup tips that would make their eyes look attractive.


Hairstyles are strictly regulated. Trainees are taught how to make a perfect bun that must measure between 6.5cm to 7cm, as prescribed in their guidelines.


It’s hard to believe that a lot can happen in 1 day of training but it’s far from over.

The upcoming flight attendants’ hair and makeup skills are put to the test when they’re challenged to apply what they’ve learned.

Ms Lin then evaluates their hair’s length and scrutinises their makeup skills at the end of the session.

singapore girl 3Ms Lin (right, background) evaluating an attendant’s hairstyle

She admits,

I wouldn’t say I say that I am strict. I would say that I am working towards what’s best for the company’s image.

Returning Mother Scheme for new mums to come back

Flight attendants are usually females so it’s surprising to know that the upper ranks have more men than women.

Ms Fang revealed that many women want to start a family and leave the company. In contrast, men don’t have to worry about gaining weight due to childbirth.

Ms Fang emphasised,

We do have a returning mother scheme but when they come back they must be able to fit into the uniform.

The documentary did not reveal the size of the sarong kebaya worn by flight attendants. But Ms Fang advised that mums returning to work must lose weight because of customers’ expectations.

World-class service

We believe the documentary has given viewers a newfound appreciation for flight attendants who make our country proud.

Like any industry, offering premium services and offerings take a lot of hard work and dedication. The ‘Singapore Girls’ have always been a symbol of Asian hospitality, but they have a strict training regimen to be successful in their iconic profession.

The video is only a small portion of Channel 4’s four-part SIA documentary. Although the entire programme can be viewed on the company’s website, only viewers based in the United Kingdom or Ireland can watch it in full.

What are your thoughts on SIA’s cabin crew training? Let us know in the comments below.

Featured image from YouTube and Singapore Airlines on Facebook.

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