Sim Lim Retro Games Store Brings Old Consoles Like Game Boys Back To Life

Sim Lim Game Store Sells & Repairs Old School Consoles

With every new game pushing the technological limits, gaming has become more life-like than ever.

However, there will always be an appeal for the games we grew up playing in our childhoods. Think the OG Mario and Donkey Kong series.

If you’ve been longing to finally beat that level in Sonic that you never managed to pass through, Retro Nutz would be the place for that second chance.


The Sim Lim Square retro games store sells refurbished old gaming consoles and games from yesteryear.

Retro Nutz is filled with old-school consoles & games

If you’ve always grown up envying how that one kid in class was able to play the latest Sonic game on his SEGA Genesis, Retro Nutz may be your chance to fulfil some childhood dreams.

The store sells retro consoles from the 90s and early noughties that would evoke all sorts of old-school gaming experiences.


Nintendo Switch may be all the craze these days, but nothing beats the nostalgia of staring for hours at the smol Game Boy screens playing games like Tetris or Pokémon Gold and Silver.

There is even a dedicated section for all the different generations of Game Boys and some limited-edition releases.


Besides consoles, the store has plenty of games from classics like Golden Axe to more recent titles like Yu-Gi-Oh, so that no matter which generation of gamer you are, they’ll have you sorted.

And don’t worry, we don’t think you’ll need to huff and puff at the cartridges to make them work.


To complete the whole analogue experience, there are even old TVs to purchase so that you can connect your consoles.


Word on the street is that the owner has updated some of his products to keep up with the times, like providing USB compatibility.

Seeing all the nostalgic playthings of the past will surely make the inner kids in us squeal in delight. As they say, adults are just children with money.

Retro game store is a hidden paradise in Sim Lim

If you’re ready to embark on another spending spree, head over to Retro Nutz for a unique trip down memory lane.

Here’s how you can get there:

Retro Nutz
Address: #03-41 Sim Lim Square, 1 Rochor Canal Rd, 188504
Opening Hours: 12.30pm-7pm daily
Nearest MRT: Rochor Station

Get your game on

Since many of us are already on work from home (WFH) arrangements, why not make the best out of it and get our game on again.

Kudos to this amazing retro game store for bringing back our favourite games so that we can enjoy them all over again.

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Featured image adapted from Rueven Tan on Facebook.

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