S’pore Residents React To 24°C ‘Aircon’ Weather, They Layer Clothes Like It’s Winter

Singapore Residents React To ‘Aircon’ Weather In Funny & Creative Ways

Over the past week, Singapore has been experiencing a wave of cold winds and low temperatures. The chilly ‘aircon’ weather has left some of us freezing, while others bask in the rare cold air.

Several TikTok users have given their own creative takes on how Singapore residents have been reacting to the weather.


Sweater Weather #cold #singapore #osimsg

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These TikTok skits humorously poke fun at the extreme reactions Singaporeans are having to the temperature drop.


The rest of the world: 👙☀️🏖️ vs Singapore: ❄️🧣🫖 #tiktoksg #singapore #winter #coffeetime

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Indeed, as the videos show, we should enjoy the cool temperature to its fullest while we still can.

Singapore residents treat ‘aircon’ weather like it’s winter

Mostly residing in HDB flats, Singapore residents can only dream of having a fireplace in their homes. Not to mention the almost constant humidity which affords no chance at all for us to use such an amenity.

But TikTok user @naddyadrianarin didn’t let such shortcomings get in her way as she showed her husband reclining on the sofa in front of a fireplace animation playing on their TV.

Source: @naddyadrianarin on TikTok

As the sky looked gloomy through the window near him, she brought him a cup of what appeared to be a hot beverage. Now, if he closed his eyes and took in the ambience, we’re sure he would have felt like he was getting cosy in a loft somewhere where it’s cold outside.

Source: @naddyadrianarin on TikTok

She also prepared a warm, relaxing bath in a portable bathtub, into which she dropped a bath bomb.

Source: @naddyadrianarin on TikTok

User @mozzerellapapi made a similar video, featuring him making a warm cup of tea while donning a fluffy jacket and a scarf around his neck.

He tried to replicate ‘aesthetic’ influencer videos, making his take all the more hilarious.

Source: @mozzerellapapi on TikTok

The clip ended with him in a gigantic puffer jacket and snuggling under a warm blanket, sipping on hot tea again.

Source: @mozzerellapapi on TikTok

His outfit getting thicker as the video progressed only amplified the hilarity, not forgetting his caption which said,

Everyone in Singapore making 24 degree weather their personality trait this week

Goodbye tank tops & shorts, hello sweater weather

The shenanigans don’t stop at home as Singapore residents apparently took to the streets in cold wear too.

TikTok user @lindsayvoitton filmed herself in a cable knit sweater over a blue collared shirt, running across a street as passers-by looked on. Had she not mentioned her location in the video, one could easily mistake her for being in a cold city far away, like New York.

Her caption, “POV: It’s 24°C in Singapore so you start wearing your winter outfits”, aptly sums up how Singapore residents feel about the recent cold weather, as we finally get to layer our clothes without worrying about sweating.


the devil wears Pedro #fashiontiktok

♬ Hey, Mickey! – Baby Tate

The video amassed over 1.8 million views since she posted it on Monday (30 Jan).

Highly relatable videos amuse viewers

People found the videos to be extremely relatable, with one mentioning that Singapore residents can finally experience the ‘aesthetic’ lifestyle they often see Western influencers flaunt online.

Source: TikTok

Some shared their own funny observations of the parodies, with one claiming that they even spotted someone wearing earmuffs while out and about in Singapore.

Source: TikTok

As much as we’re laughing at the humorous takes, this commenter reminded us of the possibility that the weather could return to normal very soon.

Source: TikTok

Appreciate the cold weather before the heat returns

If there’s anything we can learn from these videos, it’s that Singapore residents can be very creative and know how to make the most out of any situation.

Before the unbearable heat returns, let’s indulge in the cold weather like they did in their TikToks and enjoy it to the fullest.

Soon enough, we’ll have to chuck our sweaters back into the wardrobe and start wearing shorts and tank tops again.

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Featured image adapted from @naddyadrianarin on TikTok, @mozzerellapapi on TikTok & @lindsayvoitton on TikTok.

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