MustShareMail: Singapore Shouldn’t Be Making Silly Cultural Mistakes

Let’s face it. The past 2 years have not only been tumultuous for the world, but for the minority community in Singapore too.

From unwarranted antagonism to unsolicited use of personal images,  the 101 phases of reopening the country has gone through became the least of our worries.

We thought the People’s Association (PA) saga was it, but then the SBS Hari Raya Aidilfitri decoration happened.

When will Singapore learn?

It’s not enough to proudly proclaim ourselves to be multiracial, multireligious, and multi-everything else, when we don’t even practice it in our daily lives.

If you’re not sure what religious or cultural occasion your neighbour is celebrating, ask them about it.

If you don’t know what name to address your Indian or Malay friend by, ask someone else from the same race.

For a society that prides itself in being diverse, we sure have been displaying very narrow ways of thinking. And it has shown in the many public boo-boos that we could’ve avoided.

As Asians who place great importance on ‘saving face’, this is Singapore’s window to do just that to salvage our reputation.

There’s no better time than now to learn more about each other’s cultures and heighten our awareness. So step out of your bubbles, get yourselves some multiracial friends, and start learning.

Best wishes,
Rasyidah, your friendly neighbourhood POC

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