Woman Says S’poreans Are Most Inconsiderate Drivers, One Honked At Her For Signalling To Switch Lane

Woman Says Singaporean Drivers Are Most Inconsiderate In The World

Every motorist would have encountered at least one inconsiderate driver on the road. Even if they don’t, videos of poor etiquette and road rage pop up on local social media almost every single day.

Venting her frustrations on TikTok, a woman declared Singapore the country with the worst drivers.


Do you think thay Singaporeans are the worst (or rather most imconsiderate) drivers in the whole world? is it our #kiasu syndrome ? #sgdriver🇸🇬 #sgdrivers #sgrant #singaporetiktok #sgtiktok #driversg #baddrivers

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She brought up her recent experience of meeting a driver who rudely gestured at her for having to cut into their lane.

Netizens expressed divided opinions, with most agreeing with her. However, some blamed her instead.

Woman says Singapore has world’s most inconsiderate drivers

TikTok user Wendi Chan, @pinkkittywendi, posted a video recently complaining about the state of Singapore’s drivers.

She took no prisoners right off the bat, declaring, “Singaporeans are legit the worst drivers in the whole world”.

singapore drivers inconsiderate

Source: @pinkkittywendi on TikTok

They were either that or the “most inconsiderate drivers in the world”, she argued.

To back up her point, she cited a hypothetical situation. If a driver found their lane blocked by a car accident, they would have to cut into the next lane.

singapore drivers inconsiderate

Source: @pinkkittywendi on TikTok

The driver could expect to be allowed to turn in, right? Well, no, as the woman says. She alleged that instead, the next car in that lane would speed up and close up the gap, effectively throwing the problem to the next driver in line.

She even claimed other drivers would honk at the turning driver, refusing to let them cut into the lane.

Letting driver who signals to switch lane is common courtesy

The OP considered this practically unique to Singapore. She said that letting the driver who signals cut into the lane is a common courtesy anywhere else in the world.

singapore drivers inconsiderate

Source: @pinkkittywendi on TikTok

Following this, the OP vented about her experience with this particular brand of poor manners.

When signalling to cut into the next lane to avoid a stopped car, the driver behind her threw up a rude gesture.

Source: @pinkkittywendi on TikTok

“I just don’t get it,” she said incredulously.

What is that, five seconds, that you can lose from me coming in [to your lane]? It’s just frustrating.

In the TikTok’s captions, she wondered if the reason was “our kiasu syndrome”.

Source: @pinkkittywendi on TikTok

Netizens mostly agree with her take

Facebook page ROADS.sg reposted the video, which quickly got over 100,000 views.

There, most users quickly agreed with her argument. One claimed to have driven in many countries, yet none had Singapore’s supposed rudeness on the roads.

Source: Facebook

Another dubbed it the ‘KS (Kiasu) Effect’ amongst our local drivers.

Source: Facebook

However, some dissented from popular opinion, arguing that she should queue if not given way to. They also added that it was not fair to those behind in the queue as well.

Source: TikTok

One commenter urged drivers to be more gracious regardless of whether they agreed with OP, and to make a difference with small acts of kindness, one driver at a time.

Source: Facebook

Do you agree with her claim that Singapore has the world’s most inconsiderate drivers?

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