S’pore Halal Food Site Has $6 Flat Delivery Fee So You Can Order & Makan Anywhere

S’pore Halal Food Site Hosts Home-Based Businesses & Charges A Fixed $6 Delivery Fee

Ordering food online is a wonderful luxury, but it does come with some minor inconveniences. You can only patronise restaurants within a certain distance, and buying from those further away entails an exorbitant delivery fee.

For Muslim users, narrowing the options down to only halal food makes it even tougher. Thankfully, a Singaporean couple has come to the rescue with their website, Halal With Hew.


Hosting mainly home-based businesses (HBB), the site allows customers to order food anywhere without spending too much on delivery.

Order halal food anywhere & pay only $6 for delivery

When popular food delivery platforms like GrabFood and Deliveroo introduced island-wide delivery, this opened options for many residents stuck at home during ‘Circuit Breaker’.

Even so, forking out a few dollars more for delivery isn’t something many would willingly do, no matter how strong their cravings are. In some cases, the delivery fee alone can cost more than the food, and that’s a pain we can’t all bear.

Along comes Halal With Hew, which promises a flat delivery rate of $6.


That’s right folks, even if you’re ordering food from the East and live in the West, you only have to pay $6 for delivery.

Supports home-based businesses in Singapore

Those who enjoy home-cooked meals would appreciate Halal With Hew even more because their site mainly hosts HBBs.

This means that you’ll be getting food that’s been prepared with a lot of love and effort in someone’s home kitchen. You can’t get any more authentic than that.


If you’ve ordered from HBBs before, you’d know that they tend to charge rather high delivery fees.

But with Halal With Hew, you can conveniently order from one platform without having to find the seller’s social media handle.

Wide variety of dishes for same-day delivery & pre-order

Of course, HBBs often need time to prepare their food, so many may require customers to place orders in advance.

There are, however, some that do same-day deliveries, like Ladhidh.sg which sells burgers, satays and pastas, as well as Ani’s Kitchen which sells shell outs for groups.


One standout merchant that has received the most glowing reviews so far is WeBakeYourPie, which does customisable shepherd’s pies in various sizes, so you can have it for yourself or serve it to guests.

With such a wide variety of options, you’ll have no problem finding food for lunch, dinner, or even a mini gathering — remember, no more than 5 guests.

For those who happen to stay close to the merchants, self-collection options are also available for some of them. You can visit Halal With Hew’s Instagram to find out more.

Halal food delivery site increases convenience for users

Amidst a struggling economy, it’s heartening to see Singaporeans do their part to uplift others.

We’re thankful for the Hew couple who set up this website in support of HBBs.

Now let’s chip in and order food via their platform, so we can also support local.

Featured image adapted from Instagram and Instagram.

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