S’pore To M’sia Coach With Hot Meals, Charging Points & Toilet Is Like First Class Flight On Wheels

Aeroline Coach From Singapore To Malaysia Is Extremely Spacious & Comfy

You’re planning a quick getaway to Malaysia with your family and scratching your head about the most convenient transport option.

Flights may be a hassle with young children in tow and you can’t bear the hours-long drive. A coach would be the best answer, but you’d want the comfiest one possible to make the journey pleasant.

Along comes Aeroline with their new fleet of luxury coaches that’ll make your road trip from Singapore to Malaysia feel like a first-class flight.


Aeroline coach from Singapore to Malaysia has leg room for days

Most of the existing coach services to Singapore promote features like on-board WiFi, meals and massage chairs at the very best.

For such a package, you often have to pay upwards of $50, and you don’t even get extra leg room. But what if you can find an even better alternative for roughly the same price?

Aeroline’s luxury coach comes with the most comfortable seats and enough room to stretch whichever way you want on your long commute to Kuala Lumpur (KL).


There’s so much space between the seats and in the aisle that the overview of the coach looks just like what you see when walking down a plane.

Not to mention the leg rest that will kick out when you recline, almost like a lovely mobile deck chair.


Even after you do that, there’s still room to breathe so you can rest easy on your trip without worrying about infringing another passenger’s space.


Now you won’t have to worry about getting insufferable cramps while sitting in the same position on the coach for hours on end.

Sick of your boring seats? If you’re lucky enough to score a spot on the 31-seater coach, you can lie down on the cushions at the lounge on the lower deck instead.


Talk about a service fit for royalty.

Food & entertainment to keep you satisfied

You’d need things to keep your belly and mind content throughout the long trip and Aeroline provides the best of both.

Forget about cold lunches and unhealthy snacks as you can get piping hot meals on this coach. We’re talking steaming rice and a yummy side dish like this:


Pair that with a warm cup of teh or kopi and you’d sleep soundly like a well-fed baby.

Not the type to fall asleep easily in a moving vehicle? Entertain yourself with the movies on board, on personal screens and headphones just like what you find on airplanes.


If you’d rather scroll through your phone instead, you won’t have to drain your power bank as there are personal power points for you to charge your devices.


They apparently provide a toilet on the bus too, for those who can’t wait till you reach one of the rest stops along the way.

With all these conveniences readily available, you won’t even realise the few hours are up when the coach reaches your destination.

Affordable luxury coach from Singapore to Malaysia & back

Prices for the various trips may vary, so you’ll have to check with Aeroline yourself to find out the exact costs.

A viral post by Facebook user Norlela states that a trip from Johor Bahru (JB) to KL costs S$20 (RM60) per adult and S$10 (RM30) per child, so our guess is it won’t be that much more expensive.

Another source paid S$50 each way from Singapore to KL and back, which is rather costly, but totally worth it when you get only the best service.


You can’t find service crew in dapper suits greeting you on any other coach.


Moreover, you can relax in their fancy lounge at Corus Hotel opposite KLCC while waiting for your coach back to Singapore.


The coach departs from HarbourFront Centre next to VivoCity for the Singapore to Malaysia leg of the journey.

Tempted to visit Malaysia just for an excuse to enjoy all this luxury? We can relate.

Book a trip to JB, KL or Penang soon and have a holiday to remember.

Featured image adapted from Facebook and Facebook.

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