We Spent A Day Finding Out What We Can Buy In Singapore With S$1 & Ranked The Best Loot

We Spent A Day Finding Out What We Can Buy In Singapore With S$1 & Ranked The Best Loot

Here’s What S$1 Can Get Us In Singapore In 2022

In a world with million-dollar HDBs and S$24 nasi padang, we’ve got to wonder: is there anything we can get for S$1 in Singapore these days?


One might think of the ice cream cones from McDonald’s, which are thankfully still priced at a dollar. Or the popular hot dogs over at IKEA.

But what else is there? MS News delved into the wonderful world of discount stores and cheap eats to find the best of what a dollar can still get you in 2022.

1. Card holder with lanyard — S$0.80


With work arrangements slowly shifting from the comfort of our homes back to the offices, those who want a new lanyard can try heading to their neighbourhood hardware store to grab one for just S$0.80.

While most companies provide lanyards, accessorising your outfit with one that matches your personal style will surely make you feel better and more confident, which will be beneficial for work especially if you’re starting a new job in the coming year.

2. Bukit Merah pastries — from S$0.60


Source: @the.coffee.press on Instagram

Many Singaporeans start their days off with a simple breakfast, often consisting of sweet or savoury bread from their local bakery.

While these treats may normally range from S$2, Love Confectionery at Bukit Timah sells most of their freshly baked goods for under S$1. The heartland bakery has custard puffs, custard buns, cream puffs, and doughnuts dusted with sugar for only S$0.60.

Source: Love Confectionery Singapore on Facebook

They also churn out old-school favourites like kaya buns (S$0.60), blueberry buns (S$0.80), and hotdog buns (S$1) fresh from the oven.

3. Mixue ice cream — S$1

Source: Burpple

In Singapore’s sweltering heat, an ice cream offers the best respite that money can ask for.

Mixue’s soft-serve ice cream cones are just one dollar a pop and, if lines at the McDonald’s dessert kiosk are long, offer an alternative that matches both in price and taste.

4. Toothpaste — 3 for S$1

At this point, those who have ever had to scrimp and save would know about the wonderful world of discount stores.

These stores and their perpetual “closing down sale” signs sometimes offer great discounts on daily essentials such as this Pepsodent toothpaste, with three boxes going for just S$1.

5. 7-Eleven rotating S$1 deals

A lifesaver at night, 7-Eleven is a source for many different food options when we’re feeling peckish before bedtime.

As part of their ongoing campaign, the 24/7 store has a rotating roster of S$1 deals that consists of drinks and light snacks, like this sweet Yan Yan biscuit treat. Just don’t go throwing them at people.

6. IKEA hotdog — S$1

Source: @vikki_michelle90 on Instagram

Finding ourselves at IKEA at some point each year is inevitable, whether to pick up small furniture items to change up our room’s look or to grab a bite at their popular cafeteria.

After a round of shopping, many folks would often make a beeline for the hotdog counter near the checkout line for a quick bite. At just S$1, the treat is a cost-saving pat on the back for an afternoon of successful adulting.

7. Chalk pack at Giant’s S$1 Zone

Parents may not always want to pass their kids a set of markers and paint if it means turning their home into an unending canvas.

That’s why these jumbo chalk from Giant are a great way for your children to express their creativity. Washable and non-toxic, they’re safe to use and will likely come off with a little scrubbing if your child decides to go Jackson Pollock all over the walls.

8. 3-Pack Indomie noodles — 3 for S$1

A university student staple, Indomie is an essential kitchen pantry product that’s also a guilty pleasure for folks of all ages. The noodles’ unparalleled taste – probably due to the copious amounts of MSG – provides an explosion of flavour in our mouths at such an affordable price.

Seeing the noodles on sale for just a dollar at the ABC Bargain Centre in Bedok is quite the thrill for anyone who’s helplessly addicted to them. For comparison, FairPrice is selling the same three-pack for S$1.90.

9. Dove shampoo at Giant — S$1

Getting a brand-name item for anything close to a dollar is an unbelievable steal, no matter what it is.

Even more so if it’s a recognisable brand such as Dove. This S$1 bottle of Dove’s Intense Repair shampoo would do anyone with damaged hair a world of difference. And best yet, when you run through the bottle, the next one will continue to be worth a coin if you get it at Giant.

10. Durians — S$0.90 each

Image courtesy of FairPrice

The king of fruits deserves a throne so we decided to save the best for last.

An indulgence for many Singaporeans but an affliction for others, the divisive fruit has gone for as low as S$0.90 during durian season when supply heavily outweighs demand — a welcome change from the days when prices doubled.

The Straits Times (ST) reports that this trend will continue as exports to China have stopped and more folks are travelling overseas, leading to a drop in demand and prices. Good news for durian lovers here in Singapore.

Buying the cheapest things isn’t the only way to save

Our little hunt has proven that there are still budget-friendly gems out there if you’re looking to save some money.


Source: Freepik

Of course, purchasing the cheapest items isn’t the only money-savvy decision you can make. Besides, during these uncertain times of inflation and an impending GST hike, it’s hard to say whether these things will stay cheap for long.

The fourth DBS NAV Financial Health Report shows that:

  • 40% of customers’ incomes were not keeping up with inflation​
  • Expenses for food, transport & utilities outpaced their income by two times
  • There was a need to keep discretionary spending in check​
  • Generation X’s investments grew at a slower rate than their expenses

It sounds quite dire, but DBS and POSB are also offering numerous programmes to help put your mind at ease when it comes to your financial health.

DBS & POSB safeguard your money’s value today, for tomorrow

All Singaporeans are familiar with DBS/POSB. However, you may not know that the bank can do so much more than just store your money — it can help you to grow your savings or get deals and cashback at selected merchants.

This is more important than ever due to rising interest rates, a volatile market, and the fact that many incomes aren’t keeping up with inflation.

Here are some services that can help you make the most out of your hard-earned dough:

  • Inflation-proof your savings
    • Park your money in a DBS Multiplier account that offsets inflation’s ability to erode your savings.
    • Delegate a portion of your salary straight into a POSB Save As You Earn (SAYE) account for an additional annual interest of 3.5% on your regular monthly savings.
    • Convert your funds into other currencies with Foreign Currency Fixed Deposit to earn higher interest rates.
  • Get rebates & cashback when you spend on daily essentials
    • Use PayLah! PayLah!to pay for meals at hawker centres and earn cashback.
    • Pay for daily essentials like groceries, food, and transport with either the POSB Everyday Card or PAssion POSB Debit Card to earn up to 10% cash rebates.
    • Refer to the Lobang Kit before purchasing anything with your DBS/POSB card to save up to 50% with over 24,000 deals across 550 merchants. Don’t say we never jio.
  • Allow technology to manage your budget
    • Make use of DBS Nav PlannerDBS Nav Planner’s artificial intelligence (AI)-powered tool to help budget your monthly expenses. See where your money is going and make any appropriate adjustments.
    • Like a helpful personal assistant, DBS Nav Planner will send nudges throughout the month, providing tips on how to make better financial decisions.
  • Find the home financing plans that fit you best
    • The DBS Homesaver DBS HomeSavergives you up to S$700 cash bonus when you save with a POSB SAYE account, take up a home loan or refinance with them, and apply for a Mortgage Reducing Term Assurance (MTRA).
    • The POSB HDB Home LoanPOSB HDB Home Loan, on the other hand, offers an exclusive rate of 2.6% per annum – similar to the HDB concessionary home loan but without a cap – for home buyers and owners earning less than S$2,500 a month.
  • Protect your money for the long term

For more information on these services and tips on how to fight inflation, head to POSB’s websitewebsite.

Sign up for DBS Multiplier to cash in on good rates

The first steps are often the hardest to take in the journey to better financial freedom.

To help make things a little easier, consider setting up a DBS Multiplier accountDBS Multiplier account.

Now’s a good time as DBS recently moved their Multiplier and SAYE interest rates up from 3.5% to 4.1% and from 2% to 3.5% per annum respectively.

According to the bank, a DBS Multiplier customer stands to earn up to 35 times more interestup to 35 times more interest than someone with a regular savings account.

In the couple of months since the bank first increased its DBS Multiplier interest rates in Aug 2022, their customers, including those in the gig economy, first jobbers, and full-time national servicemen, have reportedly earned 12 times more interest compared to non-Multiplier account holders.

So, with inflation slowly rising, creeping like a monster in the dark, the sooner you get on a Multiplier account, the safer you’ll feel moving forward.

Protecting our money’s value for the future

With prices for even the simplest things soaring into the atmosphere, every dollar counts more than ever.

Before we set out on this quest to unearth items S$1 and under, we were convinced that we would end up empty-handed, but we are glad to have been proven wrong. There are still wallet-friendly things out there in Singapore — you just need to look out for them.

However, things could change as swiftly as storm clouds take over a blue sky, so the wise thing to do would be to ensure that our money is still as valuable months and years from now.

This post was brought to you in collaboration with DBS/POSB.

Featured image by MS News.

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