Owner Of S’pore-Registered Car Spotted Driving Recklessly In Johor, M’sia Police Investigating

Driver Of Singapore-Registered Car Seen Driving Dangerously In Johor

The reopening of the Singapore-Malaysia border has brought much excitement among residents of both countries.

A week ago, on 1 Apr, the Causeway saw thousands of travellers eagerly making their way across. However, some may have taken their excitement a little too far.

Recently, a Singapore-registered car was spotted speeding recklessly on the roads of Johor.

A 40-second clip of the driver’s rash act was uploaded to Facebook page Pen Hitam and angered many netizens.

Thankfully, the Malaysian police are aware of the now-viral clip and are investigating the incident.

Singapore-registered gold car speeding recklessly in Johor

On 3 Apr, Facebook page Pen Hitam shared a video of a driver in a Singapore-registered car driving dangerously in Johor.

The short clip begins with the gold BMW making a sudden brake at the traffic light.

johor singapore-registered carSource

The BMW speedily overtakes a white vehicle without signalling as the light turns green.

johor singapore-registered carSource

The driver of the gold car then continues weaving dangerously down the highway, again without using any turn signals.


The video ends with the car speeding off down the road.

Netizens urge authorities to identify the driver

The driver’s behaviour has unsurprisingly ignited the wrath of netizens, who were quick to condemn the reckless act.

Translation: Please take action. We ask for your cooperation. Don’t practise double standards. Don’t hold roadblocks to arrest people on motorcycles only

Many also expressed their frustrations with the Malaysian police. They further urged authorities to ensure that the dangerous driver pays a fine before returning to their home country.

Translation: Malaysian police, are we letting this go? When it comes to Malaysians, you’ll hunt us down. Be sure to locate them and issue summons, and they must settle them before returning to their home country

One remarked that as the borders slowly reopen, Singapore-registered cars coming into Malaysia will drive as if they’re on their “grandfather’s road”. The term describes the act of using a road recklessly.

Translation: This is expected. Once the borders reopen, they’ll come in and drive as if they’re on their grandfather’s road

To ensure that something is done about this, netizens tagged the authorities asking them to identify the driver and take proper action against them.

Malaysian police are on the case

It looks like the driver will indeed be facing the consequences of their actions.

On 4 Apr, the Malaysian police released a statement. They reported that the incident took place at the traffic light in Felda Gugusan Adela, Johor.


Under Malaysia’s Section 42(1) of the Road Transport Act 1987, the Kota Tinggi police have begun investigations into the gold BMW driver.

They also reminded the public to drive safely and avoid engaging in acts that could injure road users.

Observe road safety at all times

Anyone who has seen the clip can agree that it was hazardous and inconsiderate of the BMW owner to drive in such a dangerous manner.

Therefore, it’s understandable why netizens were furious upon seeing the driver’s reckless behaviour. Hopefully, with the witness’s recorded clip, police will be able to identify the driver and take appropriate action.

Even as one is using the roads in another country, it’s only fitting for them to adhere to traffic rules for everyone’s safety — including their own.

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Featured image adapted from Pen Hitam on Facebook.

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