Futuristic SIT Punggol Campus Opens In 2023, As a ‘Living Lab’ With High-Tech Facilities

SIT Punggol Campus Envisioned As A ‘Living Lab’ With High-Tech Facilities, Opens In 2023

On Tuesday (10 Sep), Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) began the construction of its campus at Punggol Digital District (PDD).

Image courtesy of SIT

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong attended the groundbreaking ceremony. The campus will occupy 91,000 square metres — equivalent to the size of 17 football fields.

Image courtesy of SIT

Judging from the artist’s impressions, we can’t help but marvel at how SIT’s upcoming campus looks like Marvel’s SHIELD Academy.

While you won’t gain otherworldly powers, here’s what you can expect at the future home base of STEM students.

Futuristic ‘Living Lab’

SIT Punggol is envisioned as a ‘Living Lab’ that facilitates applied learning.

The upcoming learning spaces will encourage students to learn through real-life projects and test-bedding of smart technologies.

Image courtesy of SIT

Since it is located at the heart of the upcoming PDD (Punggol Digital District), the school hopes that its projects will be relevant to the community.

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SIT Associate Professor Steven Wong said in an interview,

By involving our students and faculty in living lab projects, we hope to develop an SIT applied learning experience.

High-tech Campus Heart block

SIT Punggol campus will be divided into 2 plots — Campus Heart and Campus Court.

Campus Heart will include the Learning Hub, Academic Blocks and The Hatchery, which integrates nature into urban architecture.

Image courtesy of SIT

The Learning Hub will feature wide-open spaces for studying and exchanging ideas with classmates and industry professionals.

Image courtesy of SIT

You’ll surely love going to school when academic buildings have terraced gardens and vibrant plants.

Image courtesy of SIT

SIT wants local research to make an impact in our communities. So, the Hatchery Building aims to drive collaboration between academic researchers and industry professionals.

Image courtesy of SIT

Campus Court block

The Campus Court will house the administration building, indoor sports facilities, additional academic blocks, and auditorium.

We bet the staff is looking forward to this stunning Administrative Building, which will offer the latest technologies and a relaxing scenery of the Punggol Road park.

Image courtesy of SIT

Career fairs, industry talks, student performances are all vital to a wholesome university experience. Fortunately, the Ho Bee Auditorium will serve as the location for these important events.

Image courtesy of SIT

Athletic students can look forward to a Multipurpose Hall that will house fitness rooms, dance studios, gyms, and music rooms.

Image courtesy of SIT

Community places & parks

You don’t need to be a student to enjoy this sci-fi campus.

SIT Punggol will feature public spaces like a Community Park with lush greenery that could spark insightful conversations with classmates and colleagues.

Image courtesy of SIT

The Heritage Trail will be connected to the Punggol Waterway Park and the Punggol Promenade Park Connector.

If you ever get tired of marvelling in the beauty of nature, you can explore the retail and dining options at their Market Village.

Image courtesy of SIT

SIT Punggol opens in 2023

SIT Punggol proves that the future is bright for local students.

The bewildering architecture and state-of-the-art facilities will make anyone crave to go back to school. While classes can be gruelling, at least you can procrastinate in a calm, scenic environment.

The school has not released enrollment information yet, so stay tuned for updates.

What do you think about the upcoming SIT Punggol campus? Let us know in the comments below.

Featured image from SIT. 

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