72-Year-Old Uncle Sleeps At Hawker Centres & Eats 1 Meal A Day

Singapore’s weather can be pretty erratic at times — it can be unbearably hot one moment and pouring uncontrollably the next.

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While all of us complain about the unpredictability, most of us at least have a roof above our heads to shelter us from whatever Mother Nature throws our way. Sadly for some, that’s a luxury that they can’t afford.

Recently, activist Gilbert Goh shared his encounter with a 72-year-old ‘rough sleeper’ who sleeps at hawker centres and survives on 1 meal per day.


Upon receiving a $50 angbao from Goh and his group of volunteers, the uncle said he’d use some of the money to get himself a haircut and a beard trim.

72-year-old sleeps at hawker centres & on public benches

On 26 Sep, activist Gilbert Goh took to Facebook to share about his recent encounter with an elderly rough sleeper.

According to Goh, the 72-year-old would camp over in hawker centres and sleep on public benches together with other rough sleepers.

He seemed to know them well as he told Goh that someone had passed away some 2 months back at the same spot where he was sleeping.

But that apparently didn’t trouble him as he accepted the fact that all of us will perish one day.

Eats 1 meal/day & drinks from hawker centre tap

The elderly man also shared that he would normally get a free cup of coffee from a stall and consume only 1 meal per day.

Due to his “weak tummy”, that meal would normally comprise porridge.

To quench his thirst, the senior drinks and fill his water bottle directly from the tap.

Gets $50 angbao from volunteers

A recipient of the $100 homeless support scheme that Goh and his group of volunteers run, the 72-year-old recently received a $50 angbao from the team.


Upon receiving the funds, the senior said he would use some of it for a haircut and beard trim.

Kudos to Gilbert Goh & his group of volunteers

Seeing someone, especially a senior, without a roof over their heads is always heartbreaking.

Thankfully, there are still individuals in our society who do what they can to help these vulnerable individuals.

Kudos to Goh and his group of volunteers for always being on the lookout for those in need of help in our community.

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Featured image adapted from Gilbert Goh on Facebook and Facebook, for illustration purposes only.