Thundery Showers Expected Between Late Morning And Afternoon In 2nd Half Of September

With the sunny weather that dominated the first half of September, Singaporeans who fancy outdoor activities have been able to go about their plans with little concerns.

However, outdoor enthusiasts ought to be more cautious for the 2nd half of September as the weather is expected to be slightly different.

See, thundery showers are expected to happen on most days throughout the fortnight, albeit for short durations.


So if you have hiking or other outdoor activities planned, do arm yourself with an umbrella and have wet weather plans just in case.

Short-duration thundery storms on most days in 2nd half of Sep

Though largely similar in weather to the first fortnight of September, the last 2 weeks of the month will likely see short-duration thundery showers on most days.


Despite the cooling rain, the maximum temperature is expected to be around 32°C and 33°C for most days, and even 34°C on a few days.

For most of the fortnight, the temperatures are forecast to range between 24°C and 33°C.

Thundery showers around late morning to afternoon

Meteorological Service Singapore (MSS) predict that the thundery showers will happen between late mornings and afternoons across several parts of Singapore.

Nature enthusiasts planning to visit local parks and forests should therefore plan ahead or reschedule their trip or risk traversing muddy grounds and getting soaked to the bone.

Not surprisingly, the wet weather means total rainfall will likely be above average in September.

Warm nights of about 28°C

If you think thundery showers will lead to cooler nighttime temperatures, then we’re sorry to burst your bubble.

Temperatures at night are forecast to hover around 28°C, especially for estates in the Southeast region.

This is due to the southwest winds bringing warm and humid air from the sea towards the city.

Have a backup plan for outdoor activities

Given the daily showers expected to occur throughout the 2nd half of September, it’s perhaps wise to have an umbrella in our bags at all times.

After all, the last thing we’d want is to fall sick now, given we’re still in the midst of a pandemic.

As for outdoor lovers, we advise having a wet weather plan just in case the skies are unkind.

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Featured image by MS News.