Smoker Allegedly Fined $200 For Lighting Up With One Foot Outside Designated Area In Orchard

Man Was Smoking Outside Cathay Cineleisure

Starting this month, NEA started issuing fines to errant smokers caught smoking outside designated areas in Orchard.

But what exactly constitutes ‘smoking within the designated area’?

This was the vital question in an incident where one Mr Mikaelson was allegedly fined for smoking with his foot outside a smoking box in Orchard.

He took to Facebook on Monday (8 Apr), detailing the events while urging others to adhere strictly to the laws.

Here’s his post in full.


Claims he was fined for smoking with one foot outside yellow box

According to the Facebook post, Mr Mikaelson was allegedly issued a $200 fine by an enforcer after he was caught ‘smoking outside a designated area’ at Cathay Cineleisure on Sunday (7 Apr).

However, he claims that he was actually following the laws, albeit with one foot outside the yellow box.


Mr Mikaelson was allegedly warned by the enforcer but claimed he subsequently offered to “move inside” the yellow box and pleaded for leniency on the grounds that he wasn’t aware smokers have to have both feet within the smoking area.


The NEA officer then handed Mr Mikaelson a $200 fine, in spite of his previous efforts.

Netizens told him to stop smoking

Many netizens took the chance to share their thoughts on the incident.

Some suggested a foolproof solution to this problem — stop smoking completely.


Another netizen joked that Mr Mikaelson ought to have smoked while standing on one leg instead.


Lastly, one netizen expressed doubts over his claims and sought to clarify if he was standing around the box when he was fined.


Smoke in the designated areas

Even though Mr Mikaelson did provide visual evidence of the fine issued, let’s not forget that this still is, at the end of the day, a one-sided account.

MS News has reached out to NEA for comments on this incident.

Nevertheless, next time you’re thinking of smoking along Orchard Road, remember to do so only in these designated areas.

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