Song Fish Warehouse Sale Has Up To 50% Off Frozen Boston Lobsters, Prawns & Scallops

Song Fish Warehouse Sale Till 24 Dec At Fishery Port Road

Families hosting Christmas parties will know what a chore it is to put together a seasonal menu to feed the hoards of hungry guests who’ll be visiting your humble abode.


If you wanna impress, you’ve also got to whip out the big guns — turkey, surf & turf, frozen soups and the works.

Well, we’re gonna share a lifehack with you that will slash your dinner budgets, so you can splurge on Christmas gifts for your loved ones instead.

Enter Song Fish’s annual Christmas Warehouse Sale.

Here’s a quick look at all of the promotions available. We’ll give you the highlights after the jump.


50% off Boston lobsters

Song Fish Warehouse sales are the perfect place to score half-priced mussels, clams, dory fillets, lobsters, prawns and scallops. For literal starters, New Zealand Half Shell Mussels will be going at $10.20/packet.


While you can get an entire carton of Frozen Cooked Boston Lobsters (300-350g each) at just $118. That comes up to only $9.83/lobster.


We also love that they’re cooked right after catching them, and flash frozen to preserve their freshness.

Also saves you the trouble of having to steam them yourself. All you have to do is prepare the sauce or lightly reheat it with generous servings of flavoured butter and lemon juice.


That’s your hero dish right there. Who really needs turkey when each person at the table gets their very own lobster eh?

1kg of cooked prawns for $16

Besides lobsters, there’ll also be Cod Fish & Salmon Fillets at discounted prices.


If you frequent NTUC, you’ll know that these two species of fish are typically pricier than most. We’d make a beeline for the freezer to get our hands on this if we were you.


Asian cuisine will most definitely find its way into your New Year party’s menu, so 1 kilogram of Cooked Prawns could come in handy.


At only $16 a packet, that’s almost a steal. But what are you going to do with so many prawns you say? Lightly salt them and serve them as cocktail shrimp with fancy dips, or go full-on Asian on them and black pepper stir-fry or simply pop them on the grill.

Trust us when we say they’ll be gone in seconds.

Yakitori & Unagi at $9.60/fillet

There’ll also be Japanese Unagi at $9.60 for the full seasoned fillet and fully-assembled Teriyaki Yakitori sticks at $13.50 for 1kg.


So if your party is a BBQ, don’t leave the warehouse without these packets.


To balance out your meal, check out their buy one get one free promo for 500g of Edamame Beans too.

Mix & match 4 kinds of finger food for $10

Can’t decide whether you love siew mai, breaded shrimp, spring rolls or gyoza more? You can pick up every kind for just $10, to serve at your party as finger food.


The ‘Mix & Match’ style lets you make the final call for your menu since you know your guests’ preferences better.


No need to get stuck with 50 sad pieces of untouched gyoza after you’re done with the party, because your guests felt it was too gelat.

Just tell me how to get there

Though you’ll have to head over to the Fishery Port at their HQ, it’s well worth the journey for the savings you’ll enjoy.

Date: 20 Dec-24 Dec
Time: 9am-5.30pm
Address: 19 Fishery Port Rd S619736

Here’s to the unsung heroes of our Christmas and New Year parties — men and women slaving behind hot stoves to get a delicious feast on the table.

Make their lives that much easier by sharing this sale with your hosts if you’re a guest.

If your party is a potluck, we may have just decided the dish you should offer up as a Christmas tribute for you.

Featured image from Song Fish SG.

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