SOSD Rescues Stranded Mama Dog & 6 Pups, They’re Now Healthy & Ready For Adoption

SOSD Rescues Mummy Dog & 6 Puppies From Tuas Site

We sometimes see stray dogs at ulu areas of Singapore.

They often lead a difficult life, without ample food and water, or shelter from the elements. We also may not know how to help them as well.

On Monday (23 Sep), SOSD shared on Facebook a heartwarming story about their newest rescues and how you can help them.


Buttercup and her litter of 6 puppies were rescued from a site in Tuas. After weeks of rehabilitation, they are now looking for a loving home.

We summarise their story after the jump. You can also read SOSD’s post in full here.

SOSD rehabilitates mummy dog & puppies smoothly

Although SOSD managed to rescue Buttercup and her puppies from Tuas, sadly, one of them didn’t make it.

The rest of her babies are now doing well under the dedicated care of the vet and those working at SOSD.

Buttercup and her puppies

In the post, SOSD describes Buttercup as a doggo with low confidence.

But, that quickly changed after she was well cared for at the vet. She gradually opened up and allowed people to help her.

She’s now getting used to walking on a leash, and has learnt to enjoy gentle pats and head rubs.

Mummy Buttercup

Buttercup is also much happier late at night and relaxes more when she’s outside, according to SoSD.

Puppies are playful & active

The puppies are now 8 weeks old and are very active. SOSD adds that they are eating well – “everything they can” – and are gaining weight rapidly.

Pedro the pup

Pebbles is the smallest puppy, because of a severe bout of anemia that stunted his growth for 2 weeks before the treatment took effect.

He is now doing well and he loves playing with his siblings.

Pablo and Pebbles

The puppies are said to be very confident around adults. Do note they have not been properly introduced to children yet.

As they’ve been kept indoors with Buttercup all this time, they’ve not “experienced life outside of the 4 walls.”

Ready for adoption

Despite having a harsh start to life, you’ll be happy to know that Buttercup and her puppies are now ready for adoption.

The puppies are vaccinated, but take note that they are not HDB-approved.

If you’re able to give them a loving new home, you can fill in SOSD’s adoption form here.

Meet the doggos at SOSD’s adoption drive

Buttercup and her puppies are not the only dogs at SOSD looking for new homes.

If you are interested to check out other doggos, head down to their next adoption drive on 13 Oct, from 1-5pm at JStage roof garden, JCube Level 5.

Remember that adopting a pet is a commitment to them until their last days. While a dog might only be a part of our lives, we are their whole lives.

While adoption is the best way to help these dogs, there are many other ways to help.


You can volunteer at SOSD‘s animal shelters, sponsor a fur kid or donate directly to their pet shelter.

Featured image adapted from SOSD.

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