The Star Vista Security Guard Calls SPCA To Rescue Kitten Stuck In Grille

In Singapore, rodents are aplenty. Thus, many establishments rely on glue board traps to get rid of unwelcome visitors.

However, there are instances were other animals get stuck in such traps. This poor kitten was one of them. Thankfully, it was successfully rescued.


SPCA rescues kitten stuck with glue at The Star Vista

In Oct 2019, the kitten was stuck in the grille at a loading bay in The Star Vista shopping centre, possibly after it stepped on the glue.

Image courtesy of SPCA

Fortunately for the kitten, a security guard saw him and called the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA). An SPCA officer successfully rescued him.

SPCA’s veterinary team managed to remove the glue off the kitten’s limbs. They also  reported the case to Animal & Veterinary Service.

Avoid using glue board traps

This is not the first accident involving glue board traps. Some animals have been trapped too but were not fortunate enough to survive.

The glue trap the kitten stepped on
Image courtesy of SPCA

Thus, SPCA urges everyone to avoid using glue board traps which often leave animals to die a slow death.

Hope the kitten grows up well

After this incident, perhaps we can all look into alternative measures to deter pests. There is no universal solution to all, but at least we can ensure that animals no longer fall prey to traps that aren’t built for them.

Here’s to hoping that the rescued kitten grows up healthily and happily too.

Featured image adapted from Facebook and courtesy of SPCA.