S’porean Driver Allegedly Caught Peeing By Roadside In JB, Netizens Say Don’t Sia Suay

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CCTV Cameras Catch S’porean Driver Allegedly Peeing At JB Roadside

Singaporeans, perhaps by proxy of the status of our passports, have a gleaming reputation in the eyes of the world.

However, that standing is set to come under threat after a Singaporean driver was caught peeing by a roadside in Johor Bahru (JB).


Through CCTV footage, the incident was captured and shared on social media on Tuesday (5 Apr).

Seeing the embarrassing act, netizens from Singapore took to the comments section and condemned his actions, calling for the driver in question to not ‘xia suay’.

S’porean driver pees while swaying side-to-side

The video was shared on the ROADS.sg Facebook page, showing a driver of a blue BMW coming out of the vehicle.

After exchanging knowing glances with his passenger, he puts on his mask before unbuckling his shorts.


The man then started to rock up and down, before spraying his pee from side to side.


Even though he was wearing a mask, it didn’t hide his devilish grin as he relieved himself at the side of the road.

The video ends before he finishes up his ‘number one’.

Netizens call out driver for peeing at JB roadside

Netizens didn’t hold back with their words after the footage circulated on social media with many calling his behaviour ‘animalistic’.

One netizen even suggested that as he can’t urinate in public whilst in Singapore, he was doing it when he’s overseas. He then hinted that’s how an animal behaves when out of its cage.


A car enthusiast also pointed out how the driver zhng-ed his car up to boast 4 exhaust pipes instead of the default 1 pipe. The netizen then calls the driver out for ‘overcompensating’.


While netizens were having a field day poking fun at the driver, one commenter suggested that someone is out to get Singaporean drivers by sharing the video.

However, another netizen pointed out that these drivers are only getting called out for going out of line.


The user implied that if drivers stuck to the rules and did nothing wrong, there would be nothing to report about.

Hope Singaporeans uphold themselves better while overseas

Jokes aside, we hope Singaporeans uphold themselves to a higher standard when they’re overseas.

This is especially so given that overseas travel is back on the ‘menu’ — hopefully indefinitely.

After all, we wouldn’t want such behaviour to be the way Singaporeans are perceived overseas.

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Featured image adapted from ROADS.sg on Facebook.

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