Wang Lei Teaches S’pore Slang To People In France & Sings Under The Eiffel Tower

Wang Lei Teaches Singapore Slang To People In France During Holiday

Every country has their own slang that only true blue locals understand.

Looking to spread the beauty of our unique language, getai singer Wang Lei taught some Singapore slang – like heng ong huat, HG, and KNN – to people in France during his recent trip.

Wang Lei also posted several videos of himself singing, dancing, and generally having fun on his holiday.

People in France learn Singapore slang from Wang Lei

Last Saturday (18 Dec), a video posted on Facebook showed Wang Lei teaching 2 men some Singapore slang.

Wang Lei first taught them “heng ong huat”, a Hokkien phrase typically uttered during CNY that symbolises luck and prosperity. 2 men, presumably locals, were seen chanting the same words after the getai singer.


Wang Lei then taught them “hong gan”, which can be used to express anger or disappointment.


Lastly, the getai singer imparted the versatile “kan ni na”, a vulgar phrase commonly used to show one’s irritation or dissatisfaction.


In another Facebook video posted by Wang Lei himself, the getai singer was seen singing and dancing with the 2 ‘disciples’.


Wang Lei sings & dance at iconic landmarks in France

In another video posted by Wang Lei himself, the getai singer was seen attempting to sing the Hokkien song ‘西公歌’ at Disneyland Paris.


While he felt paiseh at first, he later mustered up the courage to sing.


Wang Lei was also seen dancing happily at Disneyland with co-host Jayner Teh.


Danced under the Eiffel Tower

In another video, Wang Lei was seen singing at iconic places such as the Eiffel Tower.


He also shouted some explicit Singapore slang at the iconic location after receiving a request from one of his fans.


Interesting to see foreigners learning our slang

Wang Lei’s mini-lesson to teach foreigners Singapore slang was rather interesting and amusing.

Perhaps one day, more people around the world might start to pick up on our unique phrases.

Meanwhile, we’re glad Wang Lei was able to have fun and relax on his holiday. We hope he will be recharged for the new year and will continue entertaining viewers through his livestreams.

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Featured image adapted from Aaron Lake and Wang Lei on Facebook. 

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