Alleged StanChart Robber Will Likely Be Extradited Soon

What’s a good reason not to extradite the suspect behind one of Singapore’s most daring crimes? We can’t think of any but the clever criminal, Mr David James Roach, certainly could.

The man is believed to be behind 2016’s alleged robbery at Standard Chartered’s Holland Village outlet.

In papers presented to UK courts, the 28-year-old cited a whole range of reasons as to why he shouldn’t face trial in Singapore.

MustShareNews compiles the 5 best arguments:

1. *cough* I’m sick


This is straight out of the Mean Girls playbook. Court papers show that the StanChart robber suspect allegedly suffers from:

  • Acne
  • Stomach problems
  • Depressive illness

Despite these conditions, the Westminster Magistrates’ Court ruled last week that Mr Roach could be still extradited to Singapore.

Fun fact: Judge N. Tempia noted that Mr Roach’s stomach problems did not amount to irritable bowel syndrome.

2. He didn’t want to be caned

Singapore gave in to this one. In February, the Ministry of Home Affairs issued this statement:

As part of the extradition proceedings, the UK Government has requested an assurance that if Roach were to be found guilty by a Singapore Court of robbery, the sentence of corporal punishment will not be carried out.

The decision was met with some criticism, with some saying that Singapore had bowed to imperialist pressures.

But others argued that it was the best way to ensure Roach didn’t escape justice.

3. He doesn’t like Singapore’s prisons

Well, who does, right? Mr Roach and his lawyer took issue with Changi Prison Complex, where the suspect will be housed. Specifically, they had problems with:

  • The living areas and toilets in prison cells are separated by a “modesty wall”, which is not a real partition.
  • A mirrored dome on the ceiling of the toilet, which allows prison officers to check on inmates.

While conditions are less than ideal, we’re not too sure what Mr Roach and team were expecting. The Raffles Hotel?

Let’s not forget the extent of Mr Roach’s alleged crime. He had a handwritten note that terrified the bank teller. It read,

This is a robbery, I have a gun in my bag.

And with that, he made off with $30,000. Now that’s what you call daylight robbery.

See you in court, Mr Roach.

Featured image from Nation TV (via The Straits Times).