Starbucks Singapore Releases Collapsible Collection In Time For Christmas

If you’re wracking your brain for a friend’s Christmas present, look no further. Starbucks Singapore released a new collection on Monday (2 Dec) featuring collapsible cups and lunch boxes in a motley of pretty, matted colours.

The new collection is from Starbuck’s highly-anticipated collaboration with stojo (for the cups) and Lexngo (for the containers and utensils).

Starbucks x stojo collapsible cups

Want to be part of the green movement and use your own tumbler to dabao drinks?


With the Starbucks x stojo collapsible cups, you won’t have to worry about lugging a huge tumbler around as these cups are really compact.


The 16oz (~500ml) cups come in 8 colours – navy, red, olive, yellow, mint, pastel blue, blush and black – and cost $29.90 each.

The 24oz cups (~700ml) will be available in blush and black only and are expectedly pricier at $39.90.


Starbucks x Lexngo lunch boxes

Starbucks also collaborated with Lexngo, a company seeking to reduce single-use plastic waste.


The Starbucks x Lexngo lunch boxes each come with a spork — a combination of a spoon and fork. Each set goes for $29.90.


The lunch boxes are available in 3 colours: navy, mint and pink.

Christmas gifts settled

Now, you’ll have more ideas on what to bring for your upcoming Christmas parties — as a gift, or just to dabao the leftovers from the spread. All these while doing your part to reduce your usage of disposable cutlery and plastic boxes as well.

Happy holidays!

Featured image adapted from Starbucks Singapore.