Starbucks Releases Eco-Friendly Hot & Cold Cups That Look Exactly Like Real Ones

Save The Earth With Starbuck’s Reusable Cups From 22 Apr

Over 8 million tons of plastic is dumped into our oceans yearly.

As part of Earth Day (22 Apr), Starbucks is offering you the opportunity to save the Earth with its reusable cups.

They are selling two versions of the cups. The hot cup for $3.90 and the cold cup for $4.90. The cold cup’s extra dollar goes towards a reusable straw in iconic Siren green.


Available in hot and cold versions

The Hot Cup is perfect for those who prefer having something hot to begin their day.

If a hot drink isn’t your thing you can also purchase the Cold Cup to keep your drink chilled on your way to work or home.

Made from durable materials

Some of you may be wondering why you should pay a ‘hefty’ $4-5 for a cup.

From what we can see, Starbucks’ new cups are made of a more durable & reusable material as compared to the paper cups that are tossed soon after the drink is consumed.

The Cold Cup also includes a reusable straw so you can reduce the straws you use as well.

Just note that these cups are only available when you purchase a drink.

More atas options also available

If these cups look too plain, you can purchase their cooler but pricier cousins at $29.90.

Starbucks also recently released its Starbucks x Stojo collapsible cups that help you save space.

Other Starbucks cups and tumblers are also available and can be viewed here.

They even have fancy artistic straws that were produced in collaboration with The Art Faculty.

These straws were made to support the Autism Resource Centre. So be in a win-win situation by saving the Earth, and helping her people for a good cause.

Every day should be Earth Day

If you thought that these cups look familiar, we think so as well.

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They look exactly like the takeaway cups we’re so used to getting from our baristas at Starbucks.

In any case, Starbucks has been offering a $0.50 discount if you bring your own cups. So its probably cheaper to bring your own hot and cold cups.

After all, every day can be #EarthDay.

All images courtesy of Starbucks Singapore.

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