Starbucks Will Have Tropical Tumblers & Pastel Ombré Cloud Mugs From 10 Apr

Starbucks’ Island Life Collection Launches On 10 Apr In Singapore

Summer reminds of postcard-esque islands, tropical palm trees and azure blue skies.

If you’ve ever dreamed of chill summer vibes, Starbucks has gotten the memo. They’ll be launching an absolutely dreamy Island Life summer merch collection from Thursday (11 Apr) at all local outlets.

Cloud mugs & ombré sky tumblers

Starbucks’ entire merch collection boasts a brand new colour palette.

Enter mugs with ombré shades of sky blue and pastel violet. Those who’ll be enjoying coffee concoctions by the beach can prevent sand and dirt from getting on their drink by using their adorable ceramic cloud lid covers.

From left to right: Floaty Clouds collection

Mug, 3oz: $18.90
Mug, 12oz: $24.90

Imagine staring into clear blue skies and fluffy clouds — on your water bottles and tumblers. Guaranteed to make your days brighter when you’re cooped up in the office all day.

From left to right: Blue Skies collection

Water Bottle, 11.8oz: $32.90
Tumbler, 12oz: $22.90

Gorgeous tropical tumblers

Nothing says summer like tropical hues on tumblers and cold cups, accentuated by wacky palm tree decals.

You can now own a tumbler that reminds you of luscious tropical greenery & mesmerising sunsets wherever you go, thanks to this vibrant series.

From left to right: The Island collection

Tumbler, 16oz: $25.90
Cold Cup, 12oz: $17.90
Water Bottle, 16oz: $24.90

Pastel & neon cold cups

Lush green fronds reminiscent of the iconic Beverly Hills print are found in these violet tumblers with vivid sky blue & fuchsia ferns.

From left to right: Palm Leaves collection

Thermos, 16oz: $46.90
Tumbler, 16oz: $25.90

Remember ravishing sunsets through pops of pink with these dusk-inspired cold cups.

Dusk Collection

Cold Cup, 24oz: $29.90

A tropical paradise brings to mind vibrant neon greens, yellows and pinks. While you might not be able to leave your work responsibilities and go on an island getaway, at least you can be reminded of an eternal summer in your bags.

Palm Collection

Yellow Cold Cup, 12oz: $32.90
Pink Cold Cup, 16oz: $36.90
Blue Cold Cup, 20oz: $39.90

Coral pink Stojo cups

Those who want to reduce their carbon footprint or pack light will be happy to get the compact and lightweight Starbucks x Stojo collapsible cups from 15 Apr onwards.

We’re thinking of buying the living coral cup, which is 2019’s Pantone Color of the Year.

Starbucks x Stojo collapsible cups

Available in 4 colors, $29.90 each

Ice lolly Starbucks card & roasty-sweet blends

Get rewards when making purchases from any Starbucks store with these cards that are embellished with frosty blends and pink popsicles.

Lounge on the beach with fresh blends that pair well with the vibrancy of summer.

The Starbucks Kopelani blend is made from East African and Latin American beans which boast of luscious flavour of caramel and a roasty-sweet finish. A 250g pack costs $16.90.

The Starbucks Kati Kati Blend promises citrus and spice-filled tangy flavours which are found only in Africa. They say it’s perfect for a sunny day and we can’t wait to enjoy it with friends and family. A 250g pack costs $16.90.

Delightful summer yuzu fraps

Bring summer’s happiness to your morning coffee runs with the Chocolate Black Tea Earl Grey Jelly Frappuccino and Yuzu Honey Jelly Yogurt Frappuccino.

The Chocolate Black Tea Earl Grey Jelly Frappuccino is blended with java chips, drizzled with mocha and topped with whipped cream. For the Tall-sized blended drink, it costs $7.80.

Yogurt lovers rejoice! The Yuzu Honey Jelly Yogurt Frappuccino is a mix of tangy yogurt and yuzu honey then blended and poured over a layer of yuzu jelly. It’s topped with a spiral of Yuzu honey sauce, which embodies the refreshing flavours of summer. For the Tall-sized blended drink, it costs $7.90.

A tropical paradise in your own cups

This collection simply exudes summer vibes and will definitely remind you of a lazy retreat to an island paradise.

Though we endure scorchingly hot and humid weather locally, at least you can collect gorgeous new merchandise.

A small price to pay to endure Singapore’s summer all-year-round.

All images courtesy of Starbucks Singapore.

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