This Starbucks In Japan Is An Edo-Style Café With Picturesque Gardens, Only 1.5 Hours From Tokyo

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Traditional Starbucks In Kawagoe, Japan Will Take You Back To The Edo Period

Japan’s temples and shrines take you back to its feudal past, and now, it looks like a Starbucks branch could achieve the same effect.

Located in the outskirts of Tokyo, Starbucks’ Kawagoe branch mimics a traditional merchant’s store thanks to its vintage exterior that makes you feel like you’re travelling back in time.


Unlike the usual Starbucks store, this branch combines the nostalgic Edo period with a touch of modernity.

Starbucks Coffee in Kawagoe town

Kawagoe is a rural town that around 1.5 hours away from central Tokyo by train.

Similar to traditional anime buildings, these structures follow a nostalgic warehouse-style design that’s inspired by Japan’s Edo period.


To blend in with the surrounding buildings, Starbucks adopted an authentic exterior made of cedarwood and fine tile roofs.


While it looks similar to nearby shops, you’ll undoubtedly stop and stare at this distinct coffee branch.


Ancient-style design with a modern interior

From the outside, Starbucks Kawagoe looks like a remnant of Old Japan, so the inside will definitely surprise you.


Like the typical Starbucks branch, you can browse through the menu and approach the cashier. Although the homely atmosphere may encourage you to take pictures to remember this trip.


Their menu features yummy desserts and comfort food that you can enjoy while sharing stories with friends.


Traditional motifs lining the walls seem to depict nature’s changing seasons and the country’s picturesque mountains.


If you opt for a more authentic experience, then you can check out the courtyard. No need to worry about the weather because the roof will shield you from the rain.


We recommend taking a seat in the back to catch a glimpse of their lush Japanese gardens.


Beautiful view of a peaceful Japanese garden

What makes this Starbucks branch different from every store back home, is the peaceful Japanese garden. There are only a few seats so you may have to arrive early to enjoy this view.


After you’ve roamed the streets of Kawagoe, you can take a break with a cup of frothy cappuccino.


The area has beautifully-arranged cobblestones and a well-shaped black pine tree.


The contrast between curved and straight lines on the floor makes us curious about the amount of labour it took to create this scenic masterpiece.


Take note for future travels

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, Japan has banned travellers from 111 countries in their latest update, Singapore included. For now, you can only satisfy your wanderlust by viewing these images through your devices.

S’pore Travellers Banned From Entering Japan, Valid Visas Suspended Till July

While we can’t predict the end date of the pandemic, the declining number of cases makes us feel hopeful in the upcoming months.

Until it’s safe to take a trip to Japan, you might want to bookmark Starbucks Kawagoe first, so that you won’t miss out on a unique coffee-sipping experience when you’re there again.

Address: 15-18 Saiwaicho, Kawagoe, Saitama 350-0063, Japan
Hours: 8am-8pm daily
Contact number: +81 49-228-5600

If you’ve visited any unique Starbucks outlets, we’d love to know your unique experience in the comments.

Featured image from Instagram, Garden Guide, and Travel Watch Japan. 

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