This Japan Park Is Overflowing With Rainbow Flower Fields Amidst Tourist Drought

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Japan’s Kuju Flower Park Blossoms Despite Lack Of Tourists

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we’re constantly surprised by images of popular yet empty tourist attractions.

After all, destinations once crowded with fellow tourists taking selfies have been cleared out.

This is probably why this stunning photo of nature reclaiming Japan’s Kuju Flower Park went instantly viral, garnering 5,000 likes in 4 days.


The spacious park covers 50 acres – around the size of 45 football fields – and it appears to be a never-ending floral wonderland.

Since we can’t take an actual tour of the lush fields, here’s a virtual trip through the seasons.

Rainbow flower fields in Spring

Located on the Ōita Prefecture of Kyushu Island, the Kuju Flower Park is home to an ethereal field of seasonal flowers.


Tourists can find lavenders, pink moss, tulips, sunflowers, poppies among many others. Not surprisingly, when planted together they form rainbow flower fields that can take your breath away.


Currently, visitors can enjoy a grand total of 5 million flowers in 500 distinct varieties.


After taking an afternoon stroll in these lush fields, you will finally know what it feels to be in a Makoto Shinkai movie.


On a clear day, you can catch this gorgeous scenery with the Kuju Mountain Range as the backdrop.


Flowers blooming all-year-round

Unlike Japan’s cherry blossom parks, Kuju Flower Park blooms all-year-round with a variety of flowers for every season.


In Spring, the fields are packed with thousands of Nemophila — also known as ‘Baby Blue Eyes’. Their pastel blue colors perfectly match the park’s bright blue skies.


They say heaven is a place on earth and we bet you’ll believe it after setting your sights on these beloved Living Stone Daisies which bloom from late April to May.


In the summer, you can admire this beautiful haven of lavenders in all its postcard-worthy glory.


This field of vibrant red, yellow, and orange Keito flower fields will unconsciously motivate you to walk for miles.


In the autumn season, fans of pastel pink will fall in love with this hill covered in a million cosmos flowers.


Alternative to cherry blossom season

We’ve always wanted to visit Japan in spring thanks to the cherry blossom festivals. Since it’s difficult to successfully book a hotel around this time, Kuju National Park seems to be a good alternative.

Unfortunately, the Covid-19 has halted our travel plans so we can only enjoy these multi-coloured destinations through our screens for now.

While we can’t visit at present, Japan’s proposed subsidies for tourists make us feel hopeful that we can plan a trip once the coronavirus outbreak ends.

Bookmark the park for future trips

Sadly, we can only bookmark this destination and add it to your travel bucket list because non-essential travel is highly discouraged.

Until it’s safe to visit Japan again, you can bookmark this destination for future reference.

Kuju National Park
Address: Japan, 〒878-0201 Oita, Taketa, 久住町 大字久住 4050
Phone: +81 974-76-1422

If you’ve visited these fairytale-like destinations, then feel free to share your experiences in the comments.

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Featured image from Instagram & Kuju National Park.

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