Seoul’s Starbucks Wave Floats On The Han River, Stacked Glass Walls Create Illusion

Starbucks Wave In Seoul Floats On A River, Set To Open In Q3 2020

K-drama lovers will know that the Han River is a famous filming location for iconic dates and breakups. But pretty soon, long-time fans will be able to live out your wildest fantasies with a cup of Starbucks coffee along the scenic riverside.

The Seoul Wave Art Center recently announced that it will open a Starbucks Wave outlet within its premises in August or September 2020.


This building, which floats on top of the Han River, has floor-to-ceiling glass walls that offer a panoramic view of Seoul’s pristine waters.


If the famous Han River is already on your travel bucket list, here’s the lowdown on what to expect from Starbucks’ gorgeous new branch so you can bookmark how to get there once overseas trips are allowed again.

Seoul Wave Art Center welcomes new Starbucks outlet

Located at the Han River Park, Seoul Wave Art Center is a well-known venue for art galleries and exhibitions. While they recently announced that their very own “COFFEEWAVE” cafe closed its doors last June, it will be replaced by an upcoming Starbucks branch.


Unlike a typical Starbucks cafe decked out in wood & forest green panels, this branch literally floats. This means you may feel like you’re riding on a cruise ship as the building appears to be hovering on the surface of the water.


No need to worry if you’re prone to feel a little seasick. We bet gazing at these pastel skies and stunning sunsets will instantly melt all your worries away.


At nighttime, the entire building basks in the warm glow of golden light — imbuing this idyllic destination with a touch of magic & wonder.


We imagine that the stunning cityscape views of Seoul will feel even sweeter while you’re sipping a sweet frappuccino with bae.

Minimalist interior with glass walls

We’re not sure if Starbucks will give this upcoming branch a revamp but here’s what we can expect based on the interior of COFFEEWAVE — the building’s previous coffee shop. Similar to the building’s exterior, the interior seems to follow a clean and minimalistic design.


To maximise the opportunity for panoramic views, these floor-to-ceiling glass windows in progressive stacks allow visitors to bask in the golden rays of the sun, as they peer out into the horizon.


This has the added benefit of creating the illusion that guests are ‘hovering’ directly above the pristine waters.

The cafe also has a semi-outdoor area where coffee aficionados can feel the cool breeze of the river while catching up with their friends.


For bookworms, perfect afternoons are spent reading fantasy novels on a plush sofa. If you ever need a break from breezing through numerous K-drama filming locations, then spending a few hours here to recharge could serve you well.


So there you have it. A quick preview of what to expect from Starbucks’ predecessor at Seoul’s Wave Art Center.


We’re sure more surprises are in store when the actual Starbucks outlet is open, but from COFFEWAVE’s interior, we will definitely be satisfied with a window seat while quietly enjoying our peaceful surroundings.

Definitely on our Starbucks bucket list for now

Due to the pandemic, Singaporeans are not allowed to travel for leisure just yet. The future remains uncertain, but the declining number of cases in Korea and Singapore are making us feel optimistic about our travel plans for next year.

In the meantime, you can head to the Seoul Wave Art Center website and Instagram page to learn more about this gorgeous branch.

Address: Jamwon-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Contact No: +82 2-534-5577
Website: Seoul Wave KoreaInstagram

Once we’re free to fly to Korea, you can finally live out your favourite K-drama scenes with your closest friends and loved ones. In the meantime, you can stick to watching Korean dramas on Netflix and wait for the pandemic to run its course.

Featured image adapted from Instagram, Instagram & Instagram.

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