S’pore Woman’s Stove Catches Fire After Coaster Sticks To Pot, She Urges Caution When In The Kitchen

Woman’s Stove Catches Fire After Silicone Coaster Sticks To Hot Pot

Many of us are guilty of hopping onto Shopee or Lazada to score good deals on household items.

A woman in Singapore did the same recently, purchasing a couple of silicon coasters after seeing their affordable prices.

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However, one day when using it, the silicone coaster stuck onto a hot pot. Without realising, she placed the pot back onto the stove and turned the fire on.

That was when the entire coaster caught fire, she shared in a Facebook post on Monday (26 Apr).


She now urges residents to be cautious of using such coasters at home.

Silicone coaster stuck to pot catches fire on stove

According to the post, the woman placed a pot of hot water onto a silicone coaster before she started cooking in the kitchen.

When she returned to put the pot onto the stove, she failed to realise that the silicone coaster was attached to the bottom of the pot due to heat.

She turned the fire on and turned around. To her horror, she realised that her stove caught fire.

The woman panicked as it quickly turned into a sizeable blaze, even after she had turned the stove off.

Thankfully, her husband came to the rescue. He put a wet cloth over the flames a few times, and successfully extinguished it.

Their house ended up in a smoky state, and the incident even triggered the fire alarm.

Burnt coaster smeared all over stovetop

The woman shared pictures of the aftermath of the incident.

stove fire silicon coasterSource

Parts of the burnt silicone coaster could be seen stuck onto the stovetop.

stove fire silicon coasterSource

Photos of the burnt coaster up-close show the full extent of the damage, with many parts melted and charred.


Urges caution when using coasters

The woman wanted to use this incident to be careful of handling coasters at home.

She set a disclaimer that the incident was not the fault of the seller but her own mistake.

stove fire silicon coasterSource

The woman continued that even though she was initially drawn to how cheap and aesthetically pleasing these coasters are, old school cork coasters might be the better option in the long run.

Is silicone highly flammable?

Contrary to the woman’s claims, silicone isn’t actually highly flammable.

But, this doesn’t mean that it won’t catch fire. Silicone doesn’t burn easily, and it requires temperatures of about 250°C to burn.

It’s usually unlikely to encounter such high temperatures at home, though depending on what you’re cooking, it can be possible to find temperatures like this in the kitchen.

We guess that the main takeaway here is to be careful when placing items on coasters in general.

Handle your coasters with care

It must have been terrifying to witness your stove catching fire. Thankfully, the couple managed to contain the flames and put them out.

Many fires break out in kitchens at home, so if you have coasters lying around your kitchen, you should handle them with care.

That being said, we do agree that silicone coasters are quite chic and affordable. If you do choose to buy them, just remember to place them in the living room so they won’t come into contact with burning hot kitchenware.

The incident is also a good reminder to invest in a fire extinguisher at home too for emergencies.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook.

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