Stray dog in Phuket begs for food, turns down snacks & only accepts meat skewers

Stray dog in Phuket begs for food, but only accepts meat skewers

Stray dogs parked outside of 7-Elevens begging for food are a common sight in Thailand. One man looked to make a charitable donation to one, only to have the dog turn down his offerings.


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But the man didn’t give up. He visited a nearby street food vendor and purchased some meat skewers, which the adorable dog happily accepted.

Stray dog parked outside 7-Eleven asks for food

Last week, TikTok user @siriyakorn.r posted a cute interaction between a 7-Eleven customer and a local stray dog.

In Thailand, stray dogs will frequently sit on the door mats right outside 7-Eleven convenience stores. They’ll do this so they get to enjoy the cool air-conditioning every time a customer enters or exits the establishment.

Some will even willingly get smushed by the automatic doors just to escape the tropical heat.

The other reason is that some people may take pity on the loveable dogs and give them some food on their way out.

Source: @siriyakorn.r on TikTok

In the clip posted on TikTok, a man in a cap caught sight of a small brown dog, who in turn, also caught sight of him.

The dog followed the man around asking for food. As a result, the man relented and took a bread snack out of his 7-Eleven haul to give to the dog.

Dog is a picky eater

The man offered to split the sandwich with the dog. But after one sniff, the dog turned its face and simply walked away in apparent disappointment.

Source: @siriyakorn.r on TikTok

Stunned by the surprise rejection, the man stared blankly at his bread. He then turned to the dog and asked: “Where are you going?”

“Eat, eat,” he added.

The dog returned to give the man and his bread a second chance. But once again, the bread earned only a sniff and a lick.

Meat skewers were accepted

Not to be defeated, the man visited a nearby street food vendor. The dog, perhaps sensing an approaching windfall, also trotted its way to the vendor.

Source: @siriyakorn.r on TikTok

With a hop, skip, and a jump, the dog excitedly approached the man in anticipation of the ฿10 (~S$0.37) juicy meat skewer.

It then hungrily took a bite from the skewer. For the second bite, however, the man asked the dog to sit.

Source: @siriyakorn.r on TikTok

But after being met with only looks of bewilderment, the man ended up feeding the dog the rest of the skewer.

“Was it delicious?” he asked the dog.

The dog replied by busily sniffing the ground for any remaining remnants of the meat skewer, in hopes it had missed out a piece.

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Featured image adapted from @siriyakorn.r on TikTok

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