S’poreans & PRs Can Now Seek Subsidised Treatment For Covid-19 Symptoms At Over 500 GP Clinics

Subsidised Treatment For Covid-19 Symptoms Now Available At Over 500 GP Clinics

If you’ve been nursing a cold but have yet to get it checked out, now’s the ideal time to.

Starting today (18 Feb), Singaporean citizens and permanent residents (PRs)will receive subsidised treatment for respiratory symptoms at over 500 clinics islandwide. That includes colds and coughs.

This is part of the Ministry Of Health’s (MOH) efforts to control the spread of Covid-19, and detect any possible infections in their early stages.

On Tuesday (18 Feb) morning, 506 clinics began their operations as Public Health Preparedness Clinics (PHPCs).


These PHPCs were previously activated to deal with other nationwide health-related issues like the H1N1 pandemic and haze.

Those showing respiratory symptoms will now enjoy subsidised treatment and medication at these PHPCs, reports The Straits Times.

Clinics have subsidised treatment for Singaporeans & PRs

According to the Flu Go Where website that helps you locate your nearest PHPC, there are 687 participating clinics.


The Straits Times reports that the 506 general practitioner (GP) clinics serving as PHPCs today are located in all major Housing Board estates like Ang Mo Kio, Tampines, Woodlands, and Jurong.

Other than GP clinics, polyclinics have also been activated as PHPCs.

You can identify your local PHPC by this logo, which will be displayed at their premises.


All Singaporeans and PRs will receive a subsidised rate for consultation and treatment. They will pay a flat rate of $10, while those in the Pioneer Generation and Merdeka Generation pay $5.

Doctors to give all those with respiratory symptoms 5 days MC

All patients with respiratory symptoms will be investigated and given subsidised treatment.


Respiratory symptoms include:

  • sore throat
  • runny nose
  • cough
  • fever.

Doctors at PHPCs have been advised to give those with any respiratory symptoms a 5-day MC. If the patients do not recover after 5 days, they will be referred elsewhere for further testing.

Those suspected of having pneumonia or carriers of Covid-19 will be referred to a hospital immediately.

Avoid going out if you do not feel well

As the Covid-19 outbreak continues, MOH advises Singaporeans to remain at home if they do not feel well, and avoid crowded areas.

Continuing to go to work or school despite showing symptoms puts others at risk, too. We should all exercise caution and consideration and prevent further spread of the virus.

If you are feeling unwell or showing symptoms, please visit a PHPC.

You can find your nearest PHPC here. Just type in your street name, or a nearby landmark and it will help you locate the nearest PHPC so you can seek treatment quickly.

Please remain vigilant in dealing with Covid-19. It’s not clear how long this will continue for, but we need to exercise social responsibility to prevent putting ourselves and our country at risk.

Featured image adapted from Lianhe Zaobao and Channel NewsAsia (CNA).

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