Minister Sun Xueling Mistakes Her Daughter’s Homework For Press Conference Notes

Everyone can make mistakes at work. Even our ministers are not spared of a little mishap from time to time.

Minister Sun Xueling posted a picture of her mistake on Facebook on 23 Sep. While gearing up for a press conference, she noticed that the files she brought from home were actually her daughter’s homework.


Her mishap was taken lightly by netizens who saw the funny side to it all, with many jokingly worrying for her daughter in school.

Sun Xueling mistakenly takes daughter’s homework to press conference

Preparing for a press conference is just one of the many responsibilities a Minister has. Giving updates and answering to the public is a cornerstone of their role.

So it must’ve been rather distressing for Ms Sun when she pulled out her files only to see her daughter’s homework instead.

The homework pictured shows a worksheet where one counts and write the number of blocks seen.


What made the picture even funnier, we think, is the contrast between the homework and the nameplate in the background.

Netizens poked fun at Sun Xueling’s blunder

Ms Sun’s little blunder had many netizens in stitches, even collecting laughter from a few of her colleagues.

Mr Tan Chuan Jin saw the funny side too and even joked that her daughter’s homework may be tougher than the real work.


A curious netizen wondered if the error meant that her daughter was in school with notes on the press conference instead.


Some netizens are worried for Ms Sun’s daughter, knowing that they’ll have to face the music when it came time to hand up the homework.


Even the best makes mistakes

Mistakes like these show that even the best of us are capable of a blunder or two.

While many would choose to hide their faults, it’s heartening to see a Minister making light of their own errors.

Here’s hoping that this photographic proof is enough for the teacher who was expecting Ms Sun’s daughter to hand in her homework.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook & Facebook.