Swee Heng Bakery Offers ‘$10,880/Day’ Retail Assistant Job

Who doesn’t want to work at a job that pays $1,360/hr? If you don’t, you are probably out of your mind.


A viral photo of Swee Heng‘s job description poster for their 26A Chai Chee Road branch informed Singaporeans that they will be paying $1,360/hr for a retail assistant that works 8 hours a day.

This ‘pay’ excludes night shift and weekend allowance.

Maybe they really need more manpower to make their Chendol cheesecakes and Nasi Lemak buns.


Netizens have grand plans after seeing ad

Netizens quickly took their opinions to the comment section.



Some say that they can quit school and apply for this job.


While others are getting their resumes ready for the job application.

Just a typo in Swee Heng Bakery ad

Well, you may be thinking of applying for this well-paying position, but too bad it was just a typo.

We reached out to Swee Heng Bakery and asked about the poster as we thought that this information is too good to be true.

Swee Heng replied stating that the text in the poster was a typo error and that they will be releasing the updated poster once they have amended the errors.

Here is the revised poster.


The salary now states salaries that go by month, instead of hour. Hence, please note of the change if you intend to apply for the position.

Featured image adapted from Facebook.