TADA Driver Allegedly Harasses Woman With Overly Personal Questions, Company Investigating

TADA Driver Allegedly Asked Woman To Remove Mask & To See Her House

Taking a cab sometimes entails friendly conversations with drivers. However, it becomes a problem when things get a little too personal.

On Monday (25 Apr), a woman took to Facebook to share that her TADA driver allegedly asked her overly personal questions throughout the journey. This included wanting to know her age and if he could go up to her house.


TADA Singapore is now looking into the incident and assured that they are committed to ensuring the safety of their riders.

TADA driver allegedly asked woman overly personal questions

On Monday (25 Apr), the woman shared the incident on the COMPLAINT SINGAPORE Facebook page.

She booked a cab to Balestier via the TADA app, and upon entering the vehicle, the driver asked her how old she was.

He told her she looked “young”, so she replied that she was 26.

Soon after, he started asking if her house was rented and if she stayed alone. The woman revealed that it was a rental and she was staying with her kids.

The driver proceeded to ask the passenger to remove her mask because he wanted to see what she looked like. She promptly refused, but he insisted, asking her not to be afraid as he does not have Covid-19.

After multiple rejections, the driver eventually changed the subject. He asked about her house, and the woman fielded questions about its design, if it’s soundproof, where her room is, and if her unit is near her neighbour’s.

Wanted to go up to woman’s house

Taking things up a notch, the driver followed by asking if he could go up to the woman’s house.

According to her Facebook post, the woman immediately said no and asked if he was “crazy”. Still, the driver did not let up and said he just wanted to “go up, see see, and go”. The woman continued to reject him.

Feeling increasingly uncomfortable, the woman texted her cousin to inform her of the situation.

The driver kept quiet for a short while before asking if the woman had a driving licence as they exited Balestier Road.

After arriving at her destination, the woman’s cousin and aunt confronted the driver. They questioned why he told the woman to remove her mask and insisted on going up to her unit.

The driver claimed that he had never seen an HDB rental flat and wanted to have a look. He also said he wanted to see the woman’s full face.

Although they did not ask for it, the driver returned the woman her S$19 cash payment before leaving.

Concluding her post, the woman said she hopes to raise awareness about the driver among other female passengers.


She also wanted to get advice on dealing with such private hire drivers.

Since the incident, she has tried to call TADA’s hotline but to no avail. She has also emailed the company about the incident.

TADA Singapore looking into incident

The woman may not have been the only one who encountered the overly curious driver. Another lady commented that the same thing had happened to her with the same driver.

tada driver woman


Soon after, TADA Singapore replied to her post, thanking her for bringing the issue to their attention.

Speaking to MS News, TADA said they do not condone any form of harassment and have zero tolerance for any interactions that compromise the security and well-being of riders and drivers alike.

They are now in contact with the woman to provide support and have begun a thorough investigation. TADA will also be reviewing the driver’s past trips and reaching out to other riders who may have been affected by his behaviour.

They are committed to seeing the matter through and will keep the affected parties updated on investigations and actions taken. The company will also fully cooperate with any external investigations initiated.

TADA assured that they would not hesitate to take strong action against anyone who violates their safety and anti-harassment policies.

Hope investigations will get to the bottom of things

Kudos to the woman for flagging this incident to warn others and prevent them from falling victim to the driver.

While there is nothing wrong with sharing heartfelt conversations with private hire drivers, this should depend on the comfort level of the passengers.

Hopefully, TADA will get to the bottom of things, and the driver will be disciplined accordingly.

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Featured image adapted from TADA Singapore on Facebook and Estella Ong on Facebook.

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