Woman In Taiwan Makes Roommate Wait Too Long For Toilet, Gets Poop Smeared On Her In Revenge

Woman In Taiwan Smears Poop Over Roommate After Waiting Too Long For Toilet

Sharing a space with a roommate can sometimes result in tense situations. Often, these may lead to altercations that are difficult to come back from.

This was the case for two roommates in Taiwan — a woman took too long in the bath, causing her roommate to defecate in her pants.  In retaliation, the roommate smeared her excrement all over her roommate.

The assailant has been sentenced to 59 days in jail for using violence to insult the victim.

Woman in Taiwan smears poop over roommate after defecating in underwear

According to Taiwan news site ET Today, the offender – known as Huang – stays in a rented residence in Taipei and shares the bathroom with two roommates.

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One day in March 2021, one of her roommates, Xiaohua, reportedly used the bathroom to shower.

As a result of the delay, Huang, who was having diarrhoea at the time, ended up defecating in her underwear.

Infuriated, Huang dug out handfuls of excrement from her underwear and smeared it all over Xiaohua’s head and body.

Huang also left behind streaks of poo on the bathroom floor.

Files complaint with landlord

Xiaohua proceeded to complain about the incident to their landlord.

I can’t believe I got attacked by shit when I simply wanted to wash my hair.

The landlord subsequently texted Huang about the incident but received a text from the attacker saying she’d wipe her excrement on Xiaohua’s face if a similar incident happens again.

“This incident of wiping poop … has taught her a lesson she will never forget it,” Huang added.

Sentenced to 59 days in prison

Following the series of events, Xiaohua grew furious and filed a lawsuit against Huang, ET Today reports.

The Taiwan Taipei District Court has since sentenced Huang to 59 days of prison in lieu of a fine.

Unhappy with the verdict, Huang filed an appeal against the sentence.

However, the appeal was unsuccessful as the High Court maintained that Huang had used violence to humiliate Xiaohua.

Not only did it fail to resolve the dispute between them, but it also ended up escalating the conflict as her actions violated Xiaohua’s dignity.

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