Tampines MRT Bazaar Has 64 Food Stalls Selling Local & International Fares Till 30 Oct

Most locals will know that Singapore’s night bazaars are a haven filled with carnival rides and street food.

This October, you can spend a month in a fun-filled food paradise thanks to the Tampines MRT Trade Fair.

The bazaar will feature a massive selection of foods, household products, toys, fashionwear, claw machines and more.

Image courtesy of Singapore Night Bazaar

Stop by before heading home and hang out with friends to enjoy local treats and carnival rides.

Soufflé pancakes, Okonomiyaki & BBQ prawns

The Tampines MRT Trade Fair is a melting pot of Japanese, Malay, and Chinese street food.

Soufflé Pancake’s soft and fluffy treats are bound to make your tummy happier. You can grab either the chocolate, strawberry or original flavour — but you might as well try them all.

Images courtesy of Singapore Night Bazaar

Don’t forget to indulge in these sumptuous BBQ prawns that are crunchy and meatier than the usual shrimps.

Images courtesy of Singapore Night Bazaar

There’s no need to travel to Tokyo to taste authentic Japanese street food. Golden Bee’s stall boasts salmon okonomiyaki, takoyaki, Japanese prawn and prawn chicken.

Image courtesy of Singapore Night Bazaar

These sweet potato balls are the perfect comfort food after a long day of work. We bet you’re excited to sink your teeth into this chewy and tasty delicacy.

Image courtesy of Singapore Night Bazaar

Tutu Kueh is well-loved and comes in 3 different fillings — chocolate, peanut, and coconut. The smoky and sweet taste will undoubtedly leave adults and kids patiently queueing for several minutes.

Image courtesy of Singapore Night Bazaar

Thai Tea & MSW Ice Cream

Those with a sweet tooth will be happy to know that Tampines MRT Trade Fair has a lineup of sweet treats.

Fans of Mao Shan Wang ice cream should check out 211 House of Durian for their durian soft serve. If you’re craving for some variety, you can grab other ice cream flavours like dragonfruit, mango, banana, and strawberry.

The pungent and creamy desserts are ideal after a long commute in sunny Singapore.

Image courtesy of Singapore Night Bazaar

Better watch your calories because Broti will sell Thai Iced Milk tea that will definitely satisfy our sweet palate.

Image courtesy of Singapore Night Bazaar

Krunchy Fritters’ selection of banana fritters comes in flavours like Nutella, Milo, Fererro Roche, and Butterscotch. They say it’s so addictive that you’ll come back for more — and we’re eager to test their claims.

Image courtesy of Singapore Night Bazaar

Uncle Ringo carnival rides

Before you binge all night long, you might want to have fun at Uncle Ringo carnival rides.

You can start a competitive rivalry with friends through these bumper cars after school.


The Meteorite is highly-recommended for thrill-seekers looking for some heart-pumping and adrenaline-inducing rides. We highly recommend you to try it out on an empty stomach.


Kiddos can bond with their parents by picking out a horse and riding the merry-go-round.


Tampines MRT bazaar runs till 30 Oct

Tampines MRT Trade Fair will run till 30 October at the Open Field in front of Tampines Mall.

The fair has a total of 170 stalls with 64 of them featuring irresistible treats. The location is a mere 2-minute walk from Tampines MRT.

Tampines Night Bazaar
Date: 1 Oct to 30 Oct 2019
Location: Open Field in front of Tampines Mall
Time: Mon-Fri: 6pm-10pm, Sat-Sun & Public Holidays: 6pm-10.30pm
Nearest MRT: Tampines MRT

The month of October is bound to be a blast thanks to this fair’s diverse delicacies and fun rides for friends and family. Make sure to come down for some fun.

Featured image from Uncle Ringo and Singapore Night Bazaar.