Opinion: Highlight Issues Of Inconsiderate Neighbours In The News So They Know How To Be Good Ones

MustShareMail: HDB Resident Asks About Laws Regarding Disruptive Neighbour

I just shifted into a resale HDB 3-room flat in a semi-busy neighbourhood.

I can accept the daily noise from the vehicles constantly moving in and out even at night.

What bugs me is the constant thumping and dragging sounds from my upstairs neighbour, which can start as early as 5am and ends at around 2am on some days.

I’ve already spoken nicely to my neighbour as advised by the previous owners.

Although he was polite, friendly, and said he will take note, the noise still persists daily.

What can I do? Mediation? The mediation (involving 2 residents) in Marsiling wasn’t successful.

I just moved in a while ago, and to think that I may have to tolerate this for many more years.

We don’t wish to call the police as it might aggravate the situation negatively and may lead to retributive actions.

Is there a law to protect us from inconsiderate neighbours?

We hope the media will highlight these issues involving inconsiderate neighbours.

Maybe authorities can put up posters on how to be a good neighbour around the blocks to drum the message in.

Now that we are at home most of the time, the noise can really be unbearable.

Thank you for giving me an outlet to voice my grievance.


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