Niece Of Deceased Clarifies Tampines Funeral Wake Has Safe Distancing Measures

A video of a funeral wake at Block 870 Tampines Street 83 is circulating on social media, with the poster asking whether something is being “done” about it.

In context, they seem to be asking whether visitors at the wake are breaking safe distancing guidelines.

In response, the niece of the deceased has come out on social media to clarify that they are in fact taking steps to safely distance visitors.


In the Facebook post dated Sunday (24 May), she also urges the public to not spread the video to show respect to the mourning family, as they go through this trying time.

Family members enforce safe distancing at wake

The post opens with the understanding that the ‘Circuit Breaker’ is testing everyone’s patience.

They seek to clarify the original video, which depicts a few people at a wake in Tampines.


In a series of pictures, the niece of the deceased shows the measures the family is taking.

One of these is a temperature-taking station, as well as a record of all visitors who enter.


They can scan the QR code to register that they’re at the wake, and this information can be used later on by contact tracers.

There’s also a limit on the number of people who can sit at a table – at 4 pax – and they must wear their masks at all times. Lastly, visitors’ timings have also been staggered to the best of their abilities.

Footage causing stress to family at Tampines wake

The niece also notes that the footage of her aunt’s wake has caused her family a great deal of unnecessary stress as they comply with safe distancing measures.


She also emphasises that the wake is not being seen as a celebration or opportunity to gather with family.

Because of the ‘Circuit Breaker’ period, they are heartbroken that they cannot give their family member a proper funeral.

Urges netizens not to spread video of wake

The family hopes that members of the public can give grieving families space to cope “in a dignified way” during the CB period.

They also hope that people don’t spread the video, as the deceased’s casket can be seen.

This is apparently giving the family pain, as they worry that she cannot rest in peace.

A check on the original poster’s Facebook page shows that the video has been privatised or removed.

If we see any instances of people possibly breaching ‘Circuit Breaker’ guidelines, we can use the OneSecure app to report them.

MS News offers our condolences to the deceased’s family in this difficult period.

Featured image adapted from Google Maps.