S’pore Taxi Driver Receives $50 Note For $8 Ride, Appreciates Passenger’s Generosity

Taxi Driver Moved After Receiving $50 From Passenger Who Asks Him To Keep The Change

Being a private-hire or taxi driver is a tough job. However, when receiving random acts of kindness from passengers can make all the difference.

One particular taxi driver can attest to that, after receiving a generous tip from a passenger. For a ride that cost less than $10, she passed him a $50 note and asked him to keep the change.


He then encouraged all drivers to to serve with heart and pride, and not simply for earning an income.

Passenger hands taxi driver $50 note

On Monday (26 Oct), a driver shared a Facebook post about a surprising encounter with a passenger.

Rather than an unpleasant experience, his post was about an unexpected kind gesture that left a lasting impact on him.

Upon dropping a passenger off at her destination, the taxi driver awaited payment as usual. Possibly expecting small change for an $8.40 ride, he was shocked when his passenger handed him a $50 note instead.


Thinking that she had made a mistake, he highlighted the amount to her, only for her to reply,

Don’t worry, just keep it.

Moved by her simple yet meaningful gesture, he explained that it is not the amount of the tip that she gave him, but the sincerity in her tone when she expressed her appreciation for his service.

Urging all drivers to not see tips as income, he encouraged them to serve with heart and pride instead, so they can feel proud when they receive such tokens of kindness.

A small act of kindness makes a big difference

In tough times, simple tokens of kindness can alleviate the burden that many face.

With whatever little we can afford to help with, let’s help each other out as a form of community and national unity with fellow Singaporeans.

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