Tay Ping Hui Highlights Lack Of Road Safety From Some Cyclists

Although cycling is considered a healthy form of recreation and many have picked the hobby up since the Covid-19 pandemic began, not all motorists have had a pleasant time sharing roads with them.

One of them is local actor Tay Ping Hui, who thinks something has to be done about irresponsible behaviour on the road.


He also shared a video of how cyclists cut into his lane while he was driving.

The actor, who’s also a cyclist, proposes registering bikes to ensure they can be identified in case of a traffic incident.

Tay Ping Hui encounters cyclists on road

The video Mr Tay shared shows him driving along a road. According to the cam footage, the date of the incident is 31 Mar at around 9.35pm.

As he’s driving through a junction, several cyclists appear from the left and make a turn into his lane.


It’s worth noting that Mr Tay has the right of way in this instance.

Mr Tay flashes his headlights as he’s approaching, but the cyclists continue on their path and end up in front of his car without stopping.

He shared that he had to “jam on the brakes to avoid killing them”.


Mr Tay also claimed that the cyclists “looked at (him) like it’s MY fault” after.

The video ends as he switches to another lane and overtakes the group of cyclists.

Behaviour of minority ruins it for everyone

Mr Tay is quick to state that he’s not targeting all cyclists in his post, and recognises that a majority of them are safe, responsible and defensive.

The incident he posted was also “literally like the umpteenth time” he’s experienced such behaviour.

However, when he sees cyclists do things like run red lights, going against traffic and even riding on expressways, they risk the safety of others as well as disregard traffic laws.

Many of them simply do not care. Why? Because they know whatever happens, there’s no way to identify them like a car, bike or any registered and insured vehicle.

Calls for bike registration

Mr Tay then suggested registering all bikes in Singapore, with a small and visible license plate for example.

This would help with identification purposes and the registration should be made free as well.

He notes that he too is a cyclist and simply wishes to make the roads to be safer for everyone.

Vehicle identification may make roads safer

Certainly, there may be issues of identification if cyclists end up in a traffic incident.

While all other vehicles, including personal mobility devices (PMD) are registered, bikes aren’t.

What we do want is better road safety for all users, so perhaps Mr Tay’s suggestion might be something to look at in future.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook.