Teenagers Sexually Active From A Younger Age, But Teen Pregnancies On The Decline

Teenagers are starting to have sex at a younger age

Social workers told local media that some teens are starting to have sex younger and even have multiple sexual partners. Teens these days are sexually active from as young as 12 or 13 years old, compared to 15 or 16 years old a decade ago.

This is because they are exposed to sex and sexuality issues online earlier and reach puberty earlier.

Big drop in number of teen pregnancies

But despite teens having sex at a younger age, the number of teenage girls getting pregnant is on the decline. This is because more teens are using contraceptives.

Last year, there were 359 babies born to girls aged 19. This is the lowest in 25 years.

The report also shares that in schools, sexuality education still emphasises abstinence but also discuss topics like sexually transmitted diseases and condoms.

No parental consent needed for abortion

A Health ministry spokesman told local media that teenagers who go for abortion might not necessarily have family support, which is why parental consent is not needed to have an abortion.

However, girls under 16 years old will be referred for pre-abortion counselling and are encouraged to discuss with their parents.


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With reference to The Straits Times

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